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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 135 - August 20, 2011

Well, hello there!  I'm back in the palace and happy to report that the gathering of the professional kind went very, very well.  But I am even happier to report that it's over and I am back in the Palace, enjoying the company of great Mr. G, Tripod and Freckles. 

I soooo miss the presence of Diva around the Palace. The feeling is quite strange.  I'm not going to say that Ms Diva was always tucked away safely in the palace. She's  an adventurous being and as such, she always had things to do, people to see and places to explore.  But knowing she is no longer habitating our shared habitat just makes it plain weird.  Mr. Grasshopper expressed also missing her presence as they are both partners in crime. The crime, in this case, would be confabulating against YoursTruly! hehe.

The drive back to H-town was uneventful.  Mr. Brilliant was a little exhausted about the whole experience so I took his post at the helm and piloted all the way back home.  Our travel was, as always, made very interesting by his conversations, but it was also enhanced by sightings of hawks!  Yeehaw! Thank you Universe, for letting me know you are there, watching, listening, loving me!  As we were leaving the "home for a night" where we seeked refuge away from home, a couple of greenesh-yellowish butterflies came to greet me and bid us good-bye.  I felt that was a good sign!

As we arrived at the palace I was greeted by the Manager, who had graciously spent the day with Mr. G after taking Diva to the iron eagles station.  I could tell she had been feeling the lack of the presence of her sibling.  Can you blame her? Who didn't!  I tell you, we are so fortunate to have the Manager in our lives!  She has this motherly instinct that drives her to love and protect all of us.  She sometimes forgets that I arrived at the hologram before her and that I was actually the main instrument in her arrival here, but that's not important, because the "underlying condition" is unconditional love and that's all that I care about!

Later in the evening I spoke with Diva, who was having soooo much fun in the city that never sleeps! Yay for Diva The Great!

As far as I am concerned, the eye water has been much less.  I'm not going to say it's dried out completely, but it's much less.  Healthy, I would say.

I am getting ready to hop on the wire with Gorgeous Down Under and the Sunday Morning Crowd, I soo hope to "see" you there!

Until soon!


siempre viva said...

Yes, it is hard to say "goodbye for a while" because always no matter what is the circumstance in "for a while" with our love ones...maybe instead of "missing" her you see talk to her in the distance and you feel her right next to you...and then when you physically talk to her you will discover that she had listen what you said, maybe is an opportunity to create new communication paths, where there is love there is always communication in some way... as long as you keep her by your side in your mind... besides, she will be reading this so she will know everything you write... ok enough for now this is YOUR BLOG... not mine LOL

Pilar del mar said...

LOL! love you both! lol