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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 137 – August 26, 2011

Do you ever have moments where you seem to be traveling through life at the speed of sound? That's exactly what YoursTruly has been experiencing lately. OMG! It seems like the universe is responding to me with such speed that I feel like am I just "zipping" through life. Whew! I'm not going to lie, this is a lot of fun. Just sitting back, relaxing, watching and waiting to see how things will develop. You see, what happens is that I have been putting some time into creating an entity that will bring me financial wellbeing. Well, I was not sure if this was the way to go, but ever since I decided I have had 3 offers from 3 very reputable beings to join me in my adventure. Now it is really up to YoursTruly to decide who I want to go with! Don't you think that is a very good place to be at? I am meditating a lot and have asked The Boys to take these matters into their non-physical hands and give me the answer. I am convinced. Things flow much better and turn out wonderfully when I don't try to make them happen.
Yesterday I took a ride in the iron eagle to a different city in order to attend a meeting. I had the pleasure of again traveling with Mr. Brilliant. I couldn't resist it, IHAD TO show him my copy of the The Essence-Inspired I Am Beautiful Journal. He was a little bit on the shocked side of things. In a good way, I believe. The meeting went very well and I got to interact with people in the field that I work in my not-The-Boys-activities. Hehe.
The iron eagle was delayed on my way back. So that gave me the perfect opportunity to write on my journal. As I was doing so, this young female sat next to me. I did not pay much attention to her and continued with my writing. I could hear her saying things, but I really thought she was talking to someone on her talking device, so again, I continued with what I was doing, until I felt this tug on my sleeve. As I turned around I found this smiling face looking at me and saying "Hi. Are you the Channel?" I was taken aback a little bit, just a little bit. To make a long story short, we got into conversation and it turns out that she has read The Universe at Your Feet. That was such a pleasant surprise. See? Didn't I tell you that the Universe adores me?
At the Palace I was greeted by my two faithful companions. Tripod was jumping up and down like a kangaroo, and Freckle's rear section was wagging so fast that if I didn't know better I would think it was going to fall off. That, dear friend, is unconditional love. If it had been any of my offspring, I would've probably been greeted with a little bit of a guilt trip for having left them all day, but these two loving creatures live in the moment, and the moment that I walk in is a very good moment for them. Besides, our adorable Manager had been by to say hello to them earlier in the day.
Ms. Bite had invited me to her dwelling, so I just donned my work attire and got on my way. LadyLust was there already and we had such a wonderful time just talking and being silly. Don't you just love it when you are in that frame of mind? Ms Bite had prepared a delicious dinner and we all had a very fun time together.
Our dear Diva is bracing for nature to hit the city that never sleeps. The very human side of me has been biting my fingernails and trying to convince her to come back home, but then I realize that there is nothing I need to do. That she has her own guiding system and that she knows how to follow it. All I can do is know this. All I can do is increase my loving energy for her (if that is even possible). Funny enough, even though I can't help but worry, I am pretty calm about this.
Tomorrow will be an exciting day as we will be having our Monthly face-to-face with The Boys. The Manager is now recording these events and making them available for later view. Stay tuned!
Well, I think that's all I have to say for now. I hope you are getting ready to have an amazing end of the week. Know that the Universe is always watching, always listening to you.

Ta-da for now!

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Fer said...

Wow It's always just a pleasure to read you Gra.
3 offers? Woohoo Way to go girl! I'm sure you'll pick the best
I'll try to be on the call tomorrow
Lots of love