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Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 149 - September 12, 2011

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the universe for having given me this amazing weekend in the company of Uncle Toing and Ms Song.  You see, when Uncle Toing and YoursTruly were going from small to less small, we spent a lot of time in the company of each other.  Getting in trouble most of the time.. hehe. So to me, there is a very special bond with him.  I have a very special bond with each of my most immediate relations, but this one in particular is the type of bond that accomplices have. You catch my drift.  He really enjoyed the palace, the back grounds in particular. The magical garden.  I felt like giving him a big hug and kiss this morning when he indicated to me:  you know what? I came out here early this day and listened to the sounds of nature. What a blessing this palace is!"  Can you imagine?  he was feeling exactly the same feelings I have been having for this palace since I first came to occupy it!  I tell you. It's magical!

This day we had a very nice conversation about disease, attraction, creation and religion.  I was so happy to confirm that we share so many points of view! I will never cease to thank BigMe for the amazing gift of channeling The Boys.  They have brought so much relief, so much joy and understanding, not only to me but to those that I love and adore!  Our lives have changed. There's no question about it.

This day had a little bit of sweet and sour to it.  Sweet because I got to spend very high quality time with Uncle Toing, reminiscing about olden times and exchanging views and beliefs about the Now.  I also got to reconnect with Ms Song. You see,  when I was sharing my life with VaporMan, Ms Song was part of my life as she is one of his close relations.  Who would've said that later on Uncle Toing and Ms Song would be casting love spells on each other! So, she's back in my life and I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with her!  The sour part of the day was watching them leave!  That's always been not easy on YoursTruly. But I choose to focus on being grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them.

Before dropping them off at the iron eagle terminal, we spent some time at one very large exchange post in this city, where we met up with Dynamite LadyLust (I'm just waiting on Mr. Buff to come up with a more suitable name for her after her amazing display of pyromancy!) and little miss ChubbyCheeks.  Diva disappeared into the merchandise and acquired some pretty amazing designs with which to adorn her anatomy.  Ms Song also took the opportunity to gather some garments. It was all good fun.  Then we took off to pick up a very proud Grasshopper.  You see, Uncle Toing is one of Mr. G's most admired heroes.  Probably the one that he admires the most, so he was extremely proud to see him waiting for him at the teaching house door.  It's all good!

Anyway, this was the end of an amazing weekend of recharging the blood relations batteries.  Can I say it again?  Why not!  I am SOOO GRATEFUL to the universe!!!!

Tomorrow is back to YourBenchmen and then Diva will be taking the iron eagle back to the city that never sleeps. Ouch! Even though I would prefer not to have to see her leave, I am in a much better place about the whole thing. I am in such awe and admiration of her for having the strength to follow her dream that I'm actually excited about her going back and pursuing her dream. Yay for Diva!

Time to go spend quality time with Diva Girl!  I'll tell you more tomorrow...

Ciao baby!

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Anonymous said...

I am also so proud of the Diva for having the courage and excitement to follow her dreams that I am even more excited to go see her there!!