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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 150 - September 15, 2011

I've been not here for a few days, I know. The truth is that my physical apparatus has been low on fuel and needed some very much appreciated z's.  I'm happy to report that I'm back in business and feeling (and looking!) like a million Washington's! You go, Channel!

Today was amazing. Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly woke up before the big ball of fire and cursed the wake-me-up devices in unison. I just love the fact that he's as much as a morning person as this channel!  After deciding that I waited a few nutrition intakes too long to go on a diet, I settled for a large size garment to adorn my anatomy, slapped some makeup on my fascia and off we went to the learning house.  The trip started a little rocky.  Mr. G was not a happy camper and YoursTruly's patience was definitely not in abundance so needless to say, we had a little meeting of the skulls.  But it was brief.  We had not travelled far from the palace when we were already laughing.  Didn't I tell you that we are not morning people? There's proof of that!

After dropping the handsome Mr. G off at his learning institution, I headed towards the 007 stage place. Remember? Barb wire and all?  Adele, Fergie and Miguel Bose sang with me all the way to the lawhouse. Spirits were high, I tell you!  I had a pretty good day speaking tongues (OK. I don't speak tongues in reality... just a figure of speech!) and was even allowed to leave the scene ahead of time. I tell you, the Universe is always listening!  I had been a little concerned about not making it to the learninghouse on time, and here I was, with 60 minute intervals to spare! I love going to that particular lawhouse because people always seem happy to see YoursTruly.  I am always welcomed with warm smiles and nice remarks.  In my book, that is worth the mileage!

I just realized I haven't told you anything about my butterflies!  I want you to know that they ARE around!  I have been visited by some black and yellow friends and also some small greenish-yellowish little ones!

My friend, I must confess to you that my thinking apparatus is fried today. I just can't think of anything interesting or transcendental to tell you. Isn't that something?  I always have something to say! (In other words, I rarely not speak!). I'm sure tomorrow my lexicon will be back to it's normal abundance.

Sweet dreams to you and thank you for sticking around. I appreciate your presence!

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Fer said...

There's also proof that I'm not a morning person! Lol
Have a great weekend Gra!
Lots of love