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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 148 - September 10, 2011

I have always said this:  when my blood relations gather it is always a day full of surprises, and today was not exception.  Boy, do I have a story to tell you!

It all started when.....  first things first.  I started this day by traveling to the iron eagle terminal - Diva and Mr. G in tow - to greet Mr. DeliMan (aka Uncle Toing) and Miss Song, who were arriving from Aztecland. One of the greatest joys for YoursTruly is the reencounter with my immediate blood relations. You see, our ClanChief did a darn good job at bringing up a clan of offspring who really enjoy being in the company of one another.  So my joy was great when I was reunited with DeliMan.  After that we flew to the woods of the king to drop off a very excited Diva at a party, and then off to the palace.  Great conversations.  As I said before, you just can't be in the presence of DeliMan and not have an amazing time. It is all good fun.

Later in the evening the rest of the blood relations arrived bringing nutrition of all kinds and plenty of happy liquids as well.  You must know this, the mix of my particular blood relations and happy water makes for an explosive experience. 

Speaking about explosives, let's discuss LadyLust.  Earlier this year, at the ocassion of the arrival of little Miss ChubbyCheeks into the hologram, I had dubbed LadyLust "Grandma Dynamite;"  they say hindsight is only 20/20, but I was spot on with my predictions, and tonight my "divination" attributes became apparent!  As it turns out, LadyLust and Yours Truly were busy getting the nutrition ready for consumption when I hear LadyLust scream; as this channel turned around, guess what I noticed. Give up?  Well, I noticed spots of conflagration all over the eating, seating and walking surfaces in the cooking room. Yes!  Flames and fire all over the place!  I mean, I knew LadyLust was explosive but I never imagined to what degree!  Picture the scene... LadyLust in flames trying to step over the combustion, Ms PrettyEyes about to dump a glass full of H2O, YoursTruly yelling orders in order "to keep the calm" (ha!), Mr. Buff trying to extinguish a square that had caught the conflagration and the stuff just kept lighting up more and more.  For a second there I thought my channeling days were over! Oh no, we couldn't have THAT! So to make a long story short, we extinguished the flames with some cooking room rags and then proceeded to tend to LadyLust whose digits were feeling the result of contact with very non-cold material.  What had happened is that LadyLust had tried to ignite a small device to keep the nutrition warm and something happened that made it burst out of it's container, spreading all over the eating surface and then on to the seating apparatus and the walking surface.  OoohWee! Was that a sobering (literally) experience or what?  Fortunately, there was no serious damage, except to the seating surface, and LadyLust's war scars were only superficial.  She did have to go to a place of right-now allopathic healing, but other than a very warm extremity and a very large bill, she was fine and came back to finish her nutrition.  We did catch up with the happy liquid consumption, by the way. How's that for an explosive family encounter?  After all of this, Ms Bite, Cousin Love, Ms Pretty, the Manager and a very amused Grasshopper, listened to stories from Mr. DeliMan and laughed until the late hours of the evening.  LadyLust left the scene with warnings (from the whole clan) to never again be in the proximity of fire-producing devices. Oh Baby, we laughed so much afterwards! But I can tell you, while all of this was going on, nobody was laughing.  What was laughable too were all the remedies that were suggested to ease LadyLust's discomfort. They ranged from the clear content inside feathery ova, to flour, to the inside of the aloe plant. One thing is for sure, we are all very resourceful with our advice!

That was that for the most exciting part of the day, but earlier in the day I held a conversation about ghosts with Uncle Toing and Miss Song.  It was very interesting.  We spoke about the manifestation of energy around us and how at the end of the day we are all energy and we are all connected.  Pretty interesting if I may say so.

Well dear Friend, I think I've exhausted my stories for the day.  Pretty juicy, uh?  It was for sure exciting!  The eye curtains are feeling heavy now so I must go and confer with the fluffy.  I am happy to report that all is well and calm in the palace.


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