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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 161 - October 12,2011

Yeee-haw Pardner!  Hello from deep in the heart of Texas!  I happen to be visiting this lovely urban location for the purpose of teaching. Yep! Got that right! Teaching!  My group is conformed of beings from countries that I don't speak their spoken words.  It's all good. I am using all my creative resources just to prevent them from falling into the world of z's!

Anyway, travelling over here on the day before this one gave me an opportunity to think a lot and to have conversations with The Boys. I love having the oppotunity to speak to them out loud. When you channel, the answers don't always come straight because your mind is participating in the process, however, the more you practice letting go, the faster those answers come to you.  I just love knowing that BigMe is always there with me, guiding me, shedding light at every step of the way. Many times I do not see the light until later, when I realize that it had always been there.I am very hopeful of the future. I know that all my dreams are flowing towards me, all the time. I am excited and looking forward to greeting them with open arms!

So that's about that. Not much more to report, I'm afraid.  Now I will get some nutrition, write a little bit and confer with the fluffy as the day after this one will be another full day of work!

So nice to read your emails. Thank you!

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