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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 169 - November 11- scratch that, November 15, 2011

This is what I started writing...
Welcome to the end of my week!  11/11/11 has been amazingly good to me.  Today was the last day of the training here in Cowtown and I must say that I will miss this group of very fun, highly motivated and intelligent beings.  The Boys helped me teach this class and as a result, everybody loved the course!

and a lot has happened since.....

For example, I came back to the Palace and found a gorgeous-looking dwelling.  LadyLust got an attack of the Cinderella Syndrome and left the place impeccable, shining like new!  WOWOW! I had been begging for a clean house and the universe... what?  I didn't hear that... Oh! yes, you meant to say "Yes Channel, the Universe adores you" right? It does!!!!!!  I just feel like kidnapping LadyLust once and for all.  Coming back home and having her here felt like good ol' times!

Besides that, I report to you that I have been under the climate with a case of the not-warm sniffles.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just uncomfortable. It is particularly uncomfortable for YourBenchmen who have to put up with my coughing attacks. hehehe!!! So today you may call me "the Coughing Channel". Someone asked me today what kind of resisting thoughts I've been having in order to bring this on. To tell you the truth... I don't know and I don't wish to go looking for them!  Let's just move forward from here on.  The Boys are always saying  not to focus on what we could have done wrong, but to start feeling better right now. So that's what I'm going to do. Actually, I have a huge smile on my face as I talk to you.

Last end of the week was one for The Boys. First, our amazing Sunday Morning Gang.  Gorgeous DownUnder was unable to join us, so The Boys had fun with the controls. They get so excited. Just like children. The questions were amazing and the responses... simply divine!  The core of the matter?  Letting go.

Then we had a video conference with people who speak my language. It was sooo much fun! So much so that we had to turn the cameras off because the energy was vibrant!  Again the message was one of flow, love, joy!!! We had a very young participant who liked the experience so much, he has asked his progenitor to schedule a one-on-one for him, and him alone!

I just finished a typed conversation with Mrs. Convert, who has amazing news.  As it turns out, Mr. and Mrs. Convert have been busy at manifesting their dreams. Yes sir-ee!  They have been attracting joy, abundance, happiness, left and right! That's what I'm talking about! That's the trick!  Mr. Convert had been on the worrying side of things about not having enough work in their new paradise, and as it turns out, he may very well create more abundance than ever before..... hehehehe!!!!  Don't you just feel like jumping up and down with joy?  I do. I really do!

Now I must go and confer with the fluffy.  She's been patiently waiting for me. Oh, how I miss the nest and fluffy at the home away from home!

Hope you are smiling.  I can't figure out why you can't post comments. Don't worry. It will happen!
Until soon!