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Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 171 - November 21, 2011

Psst!  Remember me?  It's me!  The Channel!
How's it going?  How are things on your neck of the woods? Hopefully as fun and exciting as things around here!

I've been busy at living.  My under-the-climate situation is improving by the minute. Today I was actually able to do my work at the house of law without interrupting the session with a coughing attack!  Taking big steps forward!

Today was a very good day even though to an outsider it may look kind of funky.  It all started like this.  I barely made it to the house of law in time for my assignment, only to realize the artificial climate was not working!  Now picture this room full of people from all walks of life and all corners of the hologram, all packed together in a room without flow. (See how important it is to flow? hehe). Needless to say it was not cold at all. So much so that YourBenchMan, who in this case was not a man, was not even wearing the mandatory garb. We were all sweating profusely. Oh, I tell you, it was not pretty.  But funny enough, this kind of helped the general ambiance and made people relax and take it easy. I struggled a little trying to stay on the alert side of things, but other than that, I was having a blast observing how people, as they took off their jackets, also took of pretensions and became more human.  Isn't that amazing?

After that I left and came to the palace to let Tripod and Freckles take a breath of fresh air.  Oh, how I love coming back to the palace!!! I really do! I appreciate whenever I have the opportunity to quickly run here in the middle of  a busy day and just take a big breath of home!

I'm going to shorten my story so not to put you to sleep.  After a few more laboring hours, I headed towards Mr. G's learning house for another match of sphere=kicking fun!  YoursTruly was very pleasantly surprised to find Mr. Buff, LadyLust, CatGirl and Chubby Cheeks in the parking surface!  A little later we had the pleasure of the Manager's company, who in turn brought the Sensible One and a very pleasant Mr. Alladin.
Right there, another opportunity for complete appreciation showed up.  Appreciation for having such a loving bunch of blood relations. And let me tell you this, we are not only loving, we can be a lot of fun!

As you can tell, it was a very full day and my physical apparatus is starting to feel the effects of it. Tomorrow will be another great day of laboring with YourBenchMen and then dinner with the Book Dealer!

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