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Friday, November 25, 2011

day 173 - November 25, 2011

I am so appreciative of the universe! You have no idea!  I have been enjoying staying in the palace like it's going out of style! Seriously.  These few days of being by myself in the Palace have turned out to be priceless. Nothing special, just the opportunity to spend time with YoursTruly, meditating, doing everything or nothing at all. It is PRICE-LESS! Yes sir-ee!

Last night was beautiful.  I picked up Ms. Bite and headed toward's the MedicineMan's Mansion.  We arrived on time, which is amazing as YoursTruly has no concept of time... Little did we know that the precise moment of our arrival, just as we pressed the noise-making device by the door, an explosion ocurred in the cooking room!  I'm not kidding you!  Apparently, something was placed on top of the cooking surface that was not supposed to be there, and before they knew it, there was glass flying all over the cooking room. Nobody was hurt, but that made for a lot of funny remarks throughout the evening!  The nice thing about my clan is that nobody takes anything seriously, so that was just another opportunity to laugh a little bit more.

Since Grandma Dynamite (aka LadyLust) was present, she was the perfect target of our blame (given her history. You know what I'm talking about...), but apparently she was not responsible for the indoors fireworks this time. Still, it was fun blaming her!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. This was the first appreciation day that I spent with LadyLust in a very long time, and hmmmm, it was soooo  nice!  Little Ms ChubbyCheeks was of course present as well.  She adorned her physicality with a very nice garment and was, as always, loving, and fun all evening.  The Manager was in heaven because she got to hold her for a very long time, even with Mr. Buff, CatGirl and LadyLust around. And that  is a miracle by itself!  The nutrition was amazing and I consumed much more than my fair share.  There was a moment when my physical manifestation was screaming at me, begging me to stop.  And I did!  Oh, forgot to say that Mr. Alladin joined us for the celebration. He had never experienced this holiday before and was very entertained by the craziness of our clan.  He has been formally adopted by YoursTruly as an honorary member of our clan, under the promise of looking for a suitable companion for this humble channel. (I'm devious, I know!)

Miss Dance-a-lot was also there with RajiBoy. I love those two beings. I really do!  I love her specially. She means something very, very special to YoursTruly. Just like another offspring! I love the hole MedicineMan family, each and every single one of them! Including the progenitors. I adore them and I'm so happy that they came to play in the hologram at the same time as I did!

My intentions for this morning was to remain in slumberland until the body ached, but the plans that BigMe had for me were much different as the first interruption with the calling device was at 7 am. Yep! I did that and went back to slumber when Freckles decided she was not having any of it and insisted on being let out.  So I did that, went back to slumber when the Manager decided she had something important to say too.  So, to make a long story short, I did jump out of the nest and started getting busy around her. I love live. I really do!

Even Mr. IslandBoy called today!  I hadn't heard from him in such a long time, but this beginning of the day he had this channel in mind and decided to touch base. So that was it.  That told me - loud and clear - that my position in life today was not going to be horizontal!

So the plan is to get a very dirty Tripod under the cleaning fluid today. I'll tell you how that goes. His MO is to  wait until the last remains of suds are off his furry self, and run into the mother earth to coat his being with the planting stuff.

Anyway, I thought I would talk to you for a little bit.  I hope you are enjoying your adventure. I am thoroughly enjoying mine!

Take this very moment to close your viewing devices and take a long, deep breath. the Universe (and YoursTruly) adores you!

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