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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 188 - January 14, 2012

This has been a very good week here in my neck of the woods.  Celebrating the Manager's arrival to the hologram is like one of those gifts that keep on giving. hehe.  Today the Sensible One celebrated her with the blood relations. It was a fun and light afternoon and it was nice to see and to be around our dear blood relations.

I can't believe that Mr. Buff it taking flight to the institution of higher learning again!  i have nothing but respect for his decision. Ah! and along those notes, here's another example of how the universe responds in mysterious ways... Mr. Buff had been set free from his professional obligations many months ago. Terrible thing to happen, you may say.  Sending history letters and making phone calls to no avail. No available opportunities seemed to come his way. In the meantime, he did what The Boys would've advised him to do. What, you ask? Well, he spend his time doing what he loves the most in the whole hologram. He dedicated all these 30-day periods of time to take care of his one and only bundle of joy, Ms. ChubbyCheeks! what a treat! Don't you think so?  You see, if he had found a gainful activity when he started looking for, he would have not had the opportunity to spend these precious months with the light of his life.  So also during this time he decided to go back to the institution of higher learning to  finish his degree. ETD tomorrow.  To his own surprise, he received news of an extremely attractive gainful opportunity just a few moons ago.  So now, at the eve of departing, he is faced with many doors opening at the same time. All of them wonderful. All of them promising. Life is sooo good!!!  I am keeping a close watch on Mr. Butch and I'll keep you posted. He is definitely adored by the spirit world!

Today was not bad at all for this channel. It started very early with  telephone work followed by a visit to the PetWhisperer up there in the woods of the king, taking Freckles for a quick visit. She was found to have lost some of the numbers that contribute to her full figure!  YeeHaw for Freckles!!!  After that, we flew into the Palace, did a little clearing of the dust and were visited by Lord1 who, as usual, came in bearing gifts of nutrition.  I tell you, I have been so fortunate to have attracted the Lords into my life!

As if that was not enough, later I received a very pleasant visit by Mrs. GreenThumb and Mrs. Fixit. They too were bearing gifts!! (Didn't I tell you that when you align with abundance abundance comes to you in many different shapes and forms?) They brought two GORGEOUS book-holding towers!!! and this channel really appreciates them because I still have some of those page turners tucked away in closets, magic squares, even next to my nest! So the day after this one I will spend some 60-minute intervals setting them up. Hmmmmm I am soooo grateful!

The rest is history. I mean, the rest I already told you.

The day after this one will be one of excitement again. It will begin with some early morning labor and then a magical encounter with The Sunday Morning Gang. You can join us if you'd like!  These calls are always tons of fun!  As if this was not enough, we are also holding another conference with The Boys and many who communicate in my mother tongue, only to be followed by a visit to lovely Mrs. Yum and the Lizzard.  Don't you just love life?  Can it get any better than this?  I don't think so!!!

How about you?  What kinds of adventures do you have simmering over there? I'm sure that if you take a second, you will realize that your life IS an adventure!

Until soon!

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