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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 186 - January 9, 2012

I love writing "2012".  Something about feels just right. yes, I know this is a random comment, but it's important that you know it (says the channel!).

As I was walking towards Old Faithful I was feeling a rush of appreciation towards the universe for having sent an angel to repair this electronic connection. I had been devoid of cyber access for the weekend.  On one side I felt  like my tools had been taken and to be completely honest, I kind of liked it. It was my excuse to be MIA and give my thinking anatomy (and digits!) a much deserved rest.  This got me thinking at how amazing the universe really is. Do you remember I told you that I do some work at unmentionable hours of the morning?  Well, I haven't complaint about it but have felt the effects of lack of z's on my anatomy and thinking apparatus. And the universe, my faithful friend, has been listening to all of this.  Well, you should know that several days ago the ringer that is used for that purpose took a break; by this I mean it just refused to work. I called the appropriate fixers and they said it would be ready in two hours; one day later the same story and two days later the same. The end result is that YoursTruly got an opportunity to play in the spirit world for longer hours this end of the week. THAT, my dear friend, felt FANTASTIC!  

On another note, I held a teaching session at the beginning of the end of the week. That went very well. The attendants are very smart and well educated and that challenges my ability as a trainer, which is always fun. Then on Sunday we held a Meetup with The Boys.   This particular get-together was very interesting as we had many new friends join us.  Some found the information very useful and some were not aligned with it yet. The combination of forces gathered at the Manager's lair made for a bubbly interaction. It is a funny thing what this channel experiences as someone challenges the messages coming through. My first instinct seems to always be to jump out and "tell it like it is," but I always feel the soft but firm hold-back coming from spirit and "suggesting" that I stay to the side (it really feels more like "go to your room," to be honest!).  From this channel's perspective, I believe it was a lesson learned by all.  And for each of us the lesson was personalized.

This day was pretty stormy around these parts so YoursTruly took advantage of not having to labor outside of the palace and remained indoors, enjoying the adoring company of Tripod and Freckles. I tell you, those two beings are the face of unconditional love!  Tomorrow will be an intense day of labor with a particular YourBenchMan that works at the speed of sound, or light, whichever is the fastest! So working with him is a good challenge. On the other hand, his personality is playful, so the interaction is always fun. I am really looking forward to it!

Well, I guess that's about it for this episode!  It's time to confer with the fluffy.

Here's hoping that your dreams are magical. Just like mine!

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