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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 9 – March 29, 2011

Hello my dear friend! Thank you for being here again! I must be honest with you. This is probably the tenth greeting I have typed in tonight. Inspiration just does not seem to be on my side this evening. I know what the culprit was. I fell asleep in front of the TV and then woke up remembering there were dishes to clean, emails to respond and a blog to write. Hehehe The good thing about writing is that it is just like going to the gym, you just have to start. The rest is much easier.

Let's start at the beginning. This morning I was already worried about Tripod and Freckles when the Manager informed me that the forecast called for thunderstorms. That's all I needed. I panicked. I couldn't leave Freckles outside; they would fight and there was nobody at home to watch over them. A dark grey cloud of worry formed on top of my head and followed me all the way into work. First thing I noticed when I was a few blocks away from home was that I had forgotten the device. Uh oh, I thought to myself, this is NOT going to be good. My conversation with the Grasshopper was centered on worrying about the circumstances, my thoughts were focused on worrying and a general feeling of heaviness overcame me. No kidding! Was I in some sort of mood or what? I didn't even sing on my way to work! I don't know what came over me, but it was like if all of a sudden I lost all my faith and all my understanding of the way that the Universe works. Anyway, I got to work and you guessed right, the experiences started matching the mood I was in. Duh, what was I expecting? My mood started turning from bad into worse.

And then…. Aaaahhhhh! A light from the other side made its way into my life! I remembered that it was up to me to worry or to start moving into a lighter vibration. So I started working on that. I would lie to you if I said it was easy and that my mood improved in a matter of minutes. It took a little bit longer for me to be in a really good place, but all it took was a start. All it took was the first positive thought about my situation. The minute I told myself "There's really nothing you can do. Instead of feeling powerless about this situation, think that Freckles and Tripod are co-creators in this and that you all attracted each other into this relationship. So, if they are at home fighting, there's nothing you can do until you get home. Chill, Channel, Chill!" I took the first step towards feeling better. It never fails. It really works like magic. Before I knew it, I was joking with my Sassy friend and feeling ten times better than this morning. I cannot help it. I have to laugh at myself every time! It's amazing how long it takes me sometimes to align to the same messages that I interpret! J

On a brighter note, I am happy to report that I feel like a million dollars. Yes, you heard right. I feel like a million! I just knew you wanted to know this…

When I got home I found that the animal kingdom was in good order. The Manager and the Sensible One were here and nothing was out of place. It is so refreshing to know that I have so much love and support in my life! I am so fortunate!

Then I dragged Mr. Grasshopper to a much needed mane-cut. What a difference! I had actually forgotten how much handsomer he is now that I can see his face! Back at home I found a message from Mrs. Convert telling me about a small accident she had yesterday. Perfect excuse to call her! I love talking to her! I called her and we spoke for about 40 minutes on the phone. We are so attuned in so many ways, I thoroughly enjoy our conversations. As it happens, she apparently has a strong sense of gravity. She has experienced several close encounters of the third kind with the ground and yesterday was one of them. The positive side is that Mrs. Convert did not have any broken bones this time!

Then I called Ladylust to report on Mrs. Convert's mishap. She was busy visiting with Ms Pretty and admiring Little Butterball, so we didn't talk for long. Ladylust and I don't see each other very often but we check on each other almost every day. I adore being in her company! She is so funny! And she has some stories to tell! There is a bond between the three of us that will never be broken.

As I am typing this entry, Diva is sitting next to me. She would like for me to include a little bit of background on each character. I thought about it for a moment, and decided that for the moment, you are probably having more fun trying to decipher what kind of role each of these characters plays in my life.

I can't believe this has been day 9 already! See you tomorrow as we break the single digits!

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circe said...

What a wonderful experience!! (It is a relief to see that, even for someone who is really channelling all that marvellous energies, it can be a bit hard to align with the very same messages that are flowing through you hahaha, and It's been very very funny!).
I've had a similar experience today: "I didnt' buy a present for my mother's birthday. This always worries me. But I began practicing downstream thoughts: she never wants things. she prefers to go to a restaurant or having a massage. I know she prefers experiences; in fact, I wish I could give away a wonderful experience with many laughings, and I could tell her that it was my present". Then I got up from bed and I simply started my day. At 14h, I went to pick up her in the market where she works, and I gave here a full hug and many kisses. The woman next to her said that his son always makes fun of her by telling that "why do you want a hug? Is it your birthday, is it Christmas? No. Then I don't have to give you a hug or something!!!" (in a apparently rude but full of love and fun way). Now, as it was my mother's birthday...we all laughed a lot...I knew that was my experience and I told my mom: "this is my birthday present for you". It's been a very tender moment!!! thank you Universe!!!