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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 7 – March 27, 2011

I am so glad I decided to write this blog! I see now that one of the many reasons why I have to do this is to shed some light into some people's idea of what "the mission" of a channel is all about. Some people seem to be watching my every move and wondering why I am not doing more in order to bring the message to a larger audience.  A few months ago this was bothering me quite a bit, so much so that I even remained almost "unreachable" for a while, because I was not liking that kind of criticism; it was making me go against my flow. That is sooo funny! Nothing can make me do anything! But that was my perspective at the time. Very well, let's look at this from a non-physical perspective. The "job" of a channel is very easy. We just have to allow. If I understand the message that I convey the way it is supposed to be, I do not need to do absolutely anything. All I have to do is live and let live, and the means will be provided, the doors will open and the people will come. Exactly as it has been happening for the past 3 years. I think the most appropriate word here would be to "chill". I'm not supposed to be looking out for the means to bring the message to more people; however, by me softening my resistance, by me aligning more and more with the message, by me allowing my own energy to flow, I keep the doors open so that those who are seeking this message can more easily access it. But this action is not unilateral! Those who are seeking are the most important part of this co-creation, and they MUST be in alignment with this message in order to find it. The Boys have said it ad nauseum, they are here not because I bring them, not because we must be lectured, but because those who ask have come into alignment with the message. There! I just got off the hook, LOL.
I love Sundays because I start my day with the Sunday morning call. If you have never been on the call, you should make it a point to be at least on one of them. The energy during those calls is flying so high that magic actually happens sometimes. Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! (As Melody Mountain would put it) Pure bliss! We have our "regulars" and every now and then a new person joins us on the call. But everyone contributes to the amazing energy that builds up. MA-GI-CAL.
Today The Boys were specific about them being here. They said "we don't come down to play with you, we come out to play!" I don't know about you, but to me it meant a lot.

After the call, Grasshopper and I went to have a gigantic brunch. He had been asking to go to this particular establishment for many months now and today was the day. We enjoyed it so much! But by the time we left, I was ready to fall back asleep! So much food! We took some food to the Diva, who was very, very appreciative of it; then we went to the movies and watched a great show. Picked up the Manager, had a lovely visit at home. We summoned The Boys and played for a short while with them and then the Manager left us.
That's really it for my Sunday. A nice, relaxing day. This week I have a lot of work to do, so I am mentally preparing for it. Now I'm going to call my good friend Mrs. Yum for updates on the latest gossip and then off to bed.
Hope you have a lovely week. See you tomorrow!


Masarie said...

Loving the blog - Thank you for sharing

circe said...

This was profound, indeed!!! Not also funny but also very very profound!!! I'm so glad you started this!!!