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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 13 – April 2, 2011

I can't wait any longer! I've been itching to come home and sit at the computer so I can tell you about my day (yes, it's all about Moi!). I am so excited! The Universe adores me. There is no doubt about it. None!

OK. I'll start from the beginning. Remember the other day I had dinner with the Members of the Star Chamber? Well, while at the table the subject of me needing to find a dwelling came up. I told them how I had a month to go and I still hadn't found anything worth living in that I could afford. A few minutes into this conversation one of the Members mentioned that he and his partner may have a home for me. So, to make a long story short, I saw it today. O-M-G!!! I loved it! It has the greatest feel to it! So, if the Members and I agree on the details, I will be moving there!!! I am so excited! It is perfect for us. The Boys are always saying "Let the Universe surprise you," and I've discovered that the surprises can be so amazingly beautiful! When you have a concern or a problem, in this case me not being able to find a home that I liked and that was within my budget, and you just trust that the answer will come, even though you may not know where it will come from, the Universe has unlimited ways of bringing that answer to you. I would've never thought the Members had an extra home! Actually, I didn't even know that these two particular Members were coming to the dinner until that same morning! By letting go. By being open and trusting that the Universe was going to provide me with a home, I allowed this wonderful manifestation. It is all in relaxing our expectations, dreaming, asking and then letting the Universe work for us while we have a drink and file our fingernails. I promise you, I would've never guessed that the answer was going to come this way. Ever. By taking my fingers off of the pulse of the Universe, I gave it free reign and the answer came in. Most of the time we want to put action, we want to solve problems, we want to look for the relief, and what we do is that we only delay the response. I did not have a specific home in mind. I only knew I wanted a home with a nice vibration where the Grasshopper, Diva and I could live comfortably. And the Universe brought me more than what I asked for! Oh! And you want to know why I know this house is perfect for me and is a sign that the Universe adores me? Well, because I've always wanted a home with a red front door, and this one has not one, but two!! J

It is taking a little bit to convince the Grasshopper about this home. He feels it is "less" than what we have right now. It is all about perception. I tell him he just has to align with all the wonderful things that this new home has. He will get there. It's his process. I know that once he's there, all comfy in his room with all his awesome stuff, he will start getting excited. Especially when the neighbors invite him to swim in their amazing, Olympic-size swimming pool! Tripod will be excited to roam around. I will be more than comfortable!!!

Later it was lunch with Mrs. Yum and the Lizard at our favorite pho place. Yummy! The Lizard came with us and he's spending the night with us. We then went to have the Red Bullet inspected and off to Ms. Bite's home to pick up some amazing tamales. There I ran into LadyLust. I wish I could've stayed a little bit, but the backyard creatures were waiting for me. Now it is off to the movies. I'll let you know how it went.

I had a session with a member of the monthly group. She told me how much she likes this blog and it really lifted my spirit!! More? You bet!

Today I found my butterfly as I was walking around the backyard of the Palace-to-be. She was lime green and happy as can be.

Hope you are finding reasons to smile. See you tomorrow. Ta-da for now!


circe said...

WEEELLL, well, well!!! That's what I call a very well done spell!!! That's magic!!! Uau!!! (Red front doors, eh? It is amazing how little things can make our day hahaha!!!).
I just have a question for you (no? really? are you kidding? hahaha): did you simply asked the Universe and forget about it(enjoying the day) or did you asked the Universe and enjoyed your day while also thinking about the good things and good feelings of the new house? Thank you.
Yes we like, we adore your blog!! hahaha.
Lucky beautiful butterfly!
(I only heard a few people greeting Ta-da...all of them in Bewitched!!!-I didn't knew how to write it- hahaha).

Laura said...

My wonderful Gracious Creature! I love being this close to you and enjoy of all that happens in your life it just makes me love you even more! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you!!!!

Laura said...

Hello Gracious Creature! I just love being so close to you and enjoy all of your adventures! You are a very powerful creator and a great inspiration and all of this just makes me love you even more!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!