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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 21 – April 10, 2011

Hello there! I hope your Sunday was as much fun as mine has been.

You may wonder what I did that made it so much fun. Well, I packed. Yes, I've spent the day either packing or doing activities that have something to do with packing and it's been fun. I am turning blind to the mess around me because as I start emptying shelves I am making huge messes, but I am finding things that bring back lovely memories. I am also finding things that I need to part with, definitely. Besides that, Eros, Zucchero and Gipsy Kings have been keeping me company all day. Who would ever complain about packing when in such good company??? More and more I realize how important perspective is. Had this been three years ago, I would've been crying and trying to get out of it. This time around I'm not going to lie to you, I have not been jumping up and down with excitement at the thought of packing a full house, but I have soften my thoughts about it and it doesn't feel as bad. It is amazing what our thoughts can achieve. Wait until I get into full packing mode. I'm not there. But I will. I promise! I took small breaks in between boxes and danced a little. Nothing better for the spirit! I think I scared the delivery boy when he was walking towards the house and caught a glimpse of me dancing away in the living room. Oh well. He'll survive. J

The morning call with the Sunday Morning Gang was lovely as always. A great group of people showed up at the call and the questions, as expected, were enlightening for everyone on the call. Aaaahhhhh, we missed our Mountain DaHempster with his harmonious notes! The Boys were as talkative as ever and shared a lot of their lovely energy and wisdom with us. After the call, I was holding a conversation with GorgeousDownUnder when again, I became the medium for The Voice. You must know that The Voice left the physical a little over a year ago and he is the reason why the Sunday Morning Call exists. Anyway, to make a long story short, The Voice spoke a beautiful message of love to Gorgeous. Beautiful. After that, my energy was not high, it was soaring!

My day went by quicker than expected. That's what happens when you're having fun, I suppose. I was busy packing when I got a call from the Author in Florida. Her spirit was super high; she was all excited telling me about her book news. It was contagious. I could hear Gecko in the background. He's always making life fun and interesting around their home. The Author, Gecko and Mr. ArmCandy had a lovely day at the beach. Aaah! The beach! Isn't it wonderful the effect it has on you? One day at the beach and you become a different person. It clears your mind and your spirit, just like that. It's like if the wind mixed with the sand and the smell of the sea cleanse your every worry away. Just lovely.
Throughout the day I had several conversations with Mrs. Yum. She was in a great place today! She had finished reading all 20 entries to this blog and found that a lot of the information here helped her. Yee-haw! I hope it helps you too. Oh, by the way, the Author said that it had helped her in some level too. Me? Are you kidding? This is like therapy! I love it!

You may be wondering about Mr. Grasshopper. Well, wonder no more, he's back in action. And as usual, full of information to share. Sometimes I wish he didn't! He came back from being absolutely spoiled with the Grinch and we held a long conversation about how much he does not want to move into the Palace-to-be. He kept pushing against it and I kept pushing for it, until I remembered what The Boys are always telling us: LET GO. I was pulling so hard on my direction and he was pulling so hard on his, that when I did let go he fell back hard with all his arguments. It was so funny, because when I decided to stop my arguments he suddenly was left without a cause. It only took him a couple of minutes to think about it and then he was all happy making plans about the first few days at our new Palace. Life is soooooooooo good!

Tripod and Freckles are getting more and more used to each other. I believe Tripod is still a little overwhelmed by Freckles' size, and she knows it, so he is still hiding underneath chairs where she can't get to him. Freckles on her side, I am convinced that she believes that she's his mother and wants to bathe and cleanse him, which he completely disagrees on and makes it clear with a loud growl. It's fun to watch them both. You must know that Freckles was used to sleeping on the Grinch's furniture. Here she is not allowed to do so and I do not believe she appreciates it. It takes her a long time to get comfortable on the mat that I've provided for her. The other day he scared Tripod out of his bed and she rolled up like a snake and made herself fit into his tiny bed. LOL. These two are a show!
So you think I was not strong enough with my comment about the red door, uh? And I thought I was being nice and polite! I'll keep it in mind for next time! Who knows, the Universe adores me. It may bring me my red door in a different way. Let's wait and see what happens. This is what is so beautiful about life when you start learning the trick of letting the Universe surprise you. It really does surprise you and brings you what you want in ways that are ingenious and so beautiful. Now, instead of worrying for what I don't have right now, I eagerly await for the universe to bring it to me, because I know that it will come to me in the way that I may least expect it. I am in awe of the Universe. I am in awe of me!
BTW, remember I was worried a few days ago about not having work scheduled? Well I'm scheduled to work tomorrow. One day is better than nothing, right?
Well my dear friend. Again, thank you for being there. Thank you for being HERE, in this cyberspace with me. Thank you for reading me, I love reading you as well.
Ta-da for now!


circe said...

I loved this text!!! Gorgeous day indeed!!! Loved the dancing passage!!! I want do that between 2 thems to study!!! I really want!!!

Patricia Designs said...

It is great to start packing with fantastic music to elevate your vibration, makes your chores a bit more enjoyable. Music does it for me too!! when I am cleaning the house, the dishes or on the subway I like to put on salsa music.

About the doors, you did it right very polite and at the same time making a point that you like them. Personally, I would like to have a purple door. When I get my house that the Universe is bringing to me I would paint it purple (there are 10 types of purples).

Let me tell you about my house, is going to be next to a beach so that I could receive all the relaxing benefits of the sun, the beauty of the blue waters, the waves, the sounds, the smell of the sea salt, the sand and “all year round tan”.

Actually, if you want to see my beach house, watch "Something's Gotta Give" with J.Nicholson and D. Keaton; they did a great job at capturing the feeling of my beach house.

Have a great day at work.