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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 23 – April 12, 2011

Life is good. Actually, life is very good! No matter what life may bring you, life is very, very good. Just think of the alternative, hehe.

Now, seriously. Let's get on with this blog! First things first. This morning with the Grasshopper was delightful. We had a nice breakfast, left the palace on time and had our lovely morning chat. Mr. Grasshopper was slightly negatively-focused this morning. Thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong. Moving to a new palace (he may not like the light in his room. And what IF he doesn't like the neighborhood); the end of the school year (what if he doesn't make it to the next grade); a new school in the fall (what if he doesn't make friends); tryouts to chase balls in the field (what if he doesn't make the team), and so on and so forth. His plate is full, you must give him that. We talked for a while about how when you can't control things it's better to let them go. How when you relax and be optimistic (and file your fingernails or eat ice cream) the Universe finds a way to bring everything to you. Just trust, I told him, that the universe is listening to you. After what seemed like a very long pause, he looked at me and said "You know what? That sentence right there is probable the most wise one I've heard in a very long time. Let's play some Elton!" And with that, the conversation was over, the mood was lifted and Elton's voice filled the air! Thank god for teenagers!

Do you want to guess where my butterfly of the day showed up? Guess. It is amazing! I was looking out the window on the 21st FLOOR when they came close to the window by to say hello. There were 3 of them. They were having the time of their lives testing their wings for altitude. I never knew that butterflies flied that high up in the air! I am learning so much from them! My day at work went smoothly (what? Did I say "work"? Wasn't I complaining just a couple of days ago of not having work? Hehehe). I accomplished a lot and spoke to many interesting people. I also had a few texts back and forth with the Author, Mrs. Yum and Mr. Anonymous. I also had a couple of conversations with the Manager. She has the same kind of feeling of expectation that I feel inside. Like something amazing is about to happen. Forget about the move, that of course is a big thing. But there is something else brewing in the Universe that is about to manifest in the physical. I'm just not sure of what it is and how it will manifest. EX-CI-TING!

Then it was off to see Claudius Galenus on the other side of town, not before picking up a very ornery Grasshopper. (Please, if anybody ever wonders why I don't return emails or phone calls, have them read this blog). I'm not going to bore you with the details. You just need to know that the 45 minute drive with Mr. Grasshopper was everything but insightful. It was a different story on the way back. We were both much more relaxed and in a great mood for wonderful conversation. Mr. Grasshopper is learning how to be happy in the now. The idea of happiness being actually a decision that you make sometimes escapes him. But he comes around. And I would say that each time it takes him less and less time to reach that good-feeling place. He may not be able to put a finger on it, but he is starting to learn to read his own emotions and work his way up to a good feeling place. It makes a whole world of difference. Looking at life through pink colored lenses. Then we got on the subject of death and how it really doesn't exist. We talked about how when we fall asleep we actually go through that experience, only not letting go of our physical body. But we retrieve our attention from the physical world and place it in the non-physical world. Death does not exist, I told him, it is just a transition. He seemed to understand. He kept nodding his head. After about 10 minutes (I had already sung a couple of songs) he said: "Speaking about death. I understand what you were saying that it is only a transition. It makes a lot of sense and it doesn't scare me anymore. I still don't want you to die." You just got to LOVE THAT GRASSHOPPER!

Diva has been such a source of joy! You must know something about Diva. She has always been my little magical fairy. She was the one who always believed in magic and always looked for the positive side of things – unless she's in a bad mood! And when she is in a bad mood, you know to get out of her way! I forgot to mention that my clothes-washing device broke again. Yes, it suddenly started smelling like something was burning (Not a very good sign), so Diva went elsewhere with her load of clothes and is tutoring the Grasshopper in the meantime. I came home to pack some boxes. I was doing great until my ADD kicked in full force and I came here to talk to you.

Freckles and Tripod are making progress on the friendship side of things. They are now wagging their tails when they see each other and gravitate together around the palace. At least they like being in the same room!

The Channel is getting pretty tired. It has been lovely talking to you again. See you tomorrow? I sure hope so! Love hearing from you. Thank you for all the comments and emails!!!


Kellie 76 said...

Thank you Channel I love hearing from you. I also have a feeling that something exciting is very close to happening.
Love you all Kellie x x x

circe said...

How inspiring!!!
I love the example that Mr.Grasshopper gave to us about how to let go!!! (listening to Elton mmm, very nice way indeed).
I know death doesn't exist (not as a "non I" moment, at least). When I still went to High School, one morning, the clock rang, and I stopped it, I didn't want to get up, but I had I got up, I wen to the door, I felt my body more free of tensions than the day before, I couldn't open the door, my hand didn't catch the handle. I looked body was still in bed!!! so I thought "Oohh, what an inconvenience to go for my body" (like if it was something usual hahaha)...but I went for it and I got up that's what will happen when you die, and this is how I knew it. I only "realized" (you know, the whole meaning of the experience) what happened an hour later, in the car, going to school.

Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel,
I read your blog every day; I look forward to read it at the beginning of my day at work. Your conversations with Mr. Grasshopper are fantastic you are raising a great human being along with your two daughters that are as amazing as he is. We mothers learned a lot from our children, it never ceases to amaze me. Can you imagine this blog as the base for a MOVIE! Must admit my young one is also demanding immediate results from the “Law of attraction” too, she is also catching up raising her vibration and being in touch with her emotions.
On the 21st floor and butterflies are coming to see you to let you know that you are not alone, ¡REALMENTE DIVINO!