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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 24 – April 13, 2011

I'm itching to tell you something, but if the Irish Intuitive does not give me the green light, I'm afraid I won't be able to. OMG this is so big I can hardly sit still on my chair!

Anyway, to make the urge go away, I will talk about something else. The Author has been telling me that Mercury is retrograde and that when this happens, things are forgotten, papers lost, etc. Today I was thinking she may be on to something. I went from feeling on the top of the world to again focusing on things I have no business dealing with. Seriously! Why do I have to go and focus on something that will bring my vibration down when I was doing so awesomely well? You tell me. It HAS to be Mercury retrograde. It MUST! I've never been one to confirm or deny the information provided by Astrologers, but one thing is for certain, we are so amazingly powerful that when we decide to come here into this "hologram" like The Boys like calling this reality, we even make the stars and planets align to our personal purpose. Stop and think this for a second. This is huge! Everybody's astrological chart is different; it doesn't matter if you were born in the same city, on the same day at around the same time. Your chart is different than your own twin's chart. This should tell you just how incredibly powerful you are. Whenever I think of this I remain more and more in awe of the greatness that we are. Anyway, if this is true, then Mercury retrograde or not is also very true. And I tell you, I felt super retrograde myself today. Overwhelmed, distracted, inattentive and worst of all, I felt sad. And sadness comes from a feeling of lack. I personally don't like focusing on lack. I'd much rather focus on my abundance, but today I felt I was lacking. Yuk! I feel for those who are always feeling lack! It is not pretty! But you know what I thought after having a heart-to-heart with Diva? I came up – or rather, WE did – with the realization that these uninvited feelings happen to help us give the Universe a clear and unquestionable command to bring us that piece of the puzzle that we have been wanting so much to come into alignment with. It help us send a very strong FEELING to the Universe saying "this I don't want, but I do want relief from this." In other words, the Universe sends us this contrast that feels exactly the opposite as our desire, so we can add vibrational weight to the manifestation of that desire. So we can feel the relief and it can manifest sooner in our life experience. Whew! That was heavy! I'm glad I shook that sadness off.

Morning with the Grasshopper was light and fluffy. No arguments, lots of smiles and jokes. The conversation was about everything and nothing at all. It was just plain good! I have to report that when I picked the Grasshopper up the mood had dramatically changed. He was again in retrograde! See how you can use Mercury's condition for everything? I kind of like this Astrology stuff! The good thing is that now he likes to exercise when he gets to the palace, so that gets all those crummy vibes out of his system (and his aura!). An hour later he was feeling just peachy.

The day at work went by well. Nothing special to report other than, almost at the end of the day I checked my device and noticed an email from the Irish Intuitive with some pretty amazing news. I hope I can share them with you tomorrow!!!

As I was sitting in traffic I caught a glimpse of my butterfly of the day drinking from a jasmine flower. Aaahh! The scent of jasmine this time of the year is to die for! And the beautiful little flowers adorn fences and pots everywhere you look. I wish I had a "green thumb" because I love looking at a nice front yard. But I don't. Must be honest. J

Today was another one of those nights where I drove all over the place. When I finally got home (around 830 pm) I had a nice conversation with Diva, cooked dinner, sent some emails and of course, came here to talk to you. This has become one of my favorite things to do. I feel a connection with you; it doesn't matter if you're all the way in China or right around the corner from me, I sense your presence and appreciate your support.

We are all much loved!

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circe said...

(yes, Mercury retrograde is joking with me a little bit too...according to this...I'll tell you tomorrow (in a retrograde mode report, of course)!!!hahaha).
I'ts amazing how Mr. Grasshopper is the perfect example of how to manage vibrations!!! I'm learning a lot from him!!!
The jasmine episode...imagining it, I felt my relief factor!!! Thank you!!!