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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 25 – April 14, 2011

Am I tired or what? OMG I think I feel every single muscle in my body. This is a good thing, because for those of us who do not work out regularly, there are some muscles that we forget we had!
Let me tell you about my day. It started a little earlier than usual. Diva and the Manager travelled together to Gambletown today very early, so I got up to see them leave. By the way, I am sooo proud of the Manager. She's doing such an amazing job at taking care of business for me. She's always been one to make sure that I am OK and she does an amazing job at it. We have always been close and have become more friends as she has gotten older. Sometimes she forgets the relationship that we have in THIS life experience, but it's OK. I don't forget it. Hehehe. So anyway, they left early and the Grasshopper and I got busy at getting ready. The ride this morning was fun. We were both in a very good mood.
I spoke to the Ambassador, who is always there willing to listen and help out in any way he can. I am so lucky! Then I called Mr. X to say hello, but he was busy with his new love. Ah! Love! L 'amour!
After I dropped him off I headed south, towards the Poet's home. She had prepared a delicious breakfast. You should know that this lady is one of the best hostesses that I have ever met, and her breakfasts are amazing. She thinks of everything. She had a surprise guest: Musicboy! I had not seen him in a few months, so it was lovely seeing him again. We chatted over breakfast about the meaning of life and our mission here on the hologram. I stated what I've learned, that we are here to have fun. That everything we live is in alignment with us and that as soon as we change our perspective; we realize that we really did come here to have fun. We realize that even those contrasts that we experience are part of the fun. Just like going on a roller coaster. Going down is scary, but fun!
After breakfast we called Shaman on the computer and held a video call with him. As it usually happens with The Boys, at first we encountered a few technical difficulties, but after a couple of tries, it worked "like magic!" There was a purpose for this meeting. When Shaman and I met in Quake Central the year before this one, we spoke about a beautiful project that he has been working on with people who have specific physical difficulties. To make a long story short, we will bring The Boys to speak to this particular group and help them remember who they are in reality so they can live a more fulfilling life. Isn't that amazing? I am super excited. THIS is what I live for. THIS is something that brings huge meaning into my life. Not that everything else doesn't mean something huge, but this is super special. I'm excited about it! Musicboy is intrigued by my book. He said he heard very good things from many different people. I was so humbled to hear this! We all agreed to meet again (besides the project) and have a session with The Boys.
After that I drove back to the palace to continue my packing. I really got into it! Then, Helpinghands came by to give me a hand with packing. We worked together and made a big dent in the packing front. Now THAT feels good! But I am super tired. For the next couple of weeks we will be consuming our meals on disposable plates. That's perfectly fine with me. Fewer things to wash!!! Hooray for plastic wear!
I must break for a little bit. Mr. Grasshopper and I are going out. I'll tell you all about it when I come back!
Yummy, much better! I realized I had not had anything to eat since this morning's amazing breakfast, so greens with a little bit of bird was just what the doctor ordered for me tonight.
OK, are YOU ready? Remember that last night I told you I had something HUGE to share with you? Well, we finally got the call and we are ready to roll. The co-author had so much success with her experience with The Boys that she decided to share her journey to help people in their journey to get where they want to go. On my end, I did what I know how to do best: I called in The Boys! The result? A really beautiful journal! Take a look at The Essence inspired I am Beautiful Journal. Let me know what you think!
Very well, I must stop talking now. I have to attend a class with the Book Dealer tomorrow and I should be as alert as possible! It's been lovely talking to you, as always. Stick around; things are going to get better!
Ta-da for now!


circe said...

Gorgeous breakfast moment!!! I love this kind of relaxed and cozy situations!!! The Boys are about to expand a lot this time (I sense this)...I'm so glad you found this "re-afirming" moment of what is your role with "Them"!!! I personally love this kind of moments. It's a very fullfilling feeling.
About the new book "I am beautiful journal": sounds great!!! (when in Spanish? hahaha). And I've seen you have some more meditations...cant' wait..but you are about to give birth to some more very soon (I sense this).

siempre viva said...

Isn't it nice how life keeps laying down the stepping stones for you just to walk on them?
I am very happy about the -from my perspective- seemingly effortless of the manifestation of this new co created book!
Hurray for both of you!!!