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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 41 - April 30, 2011

And the Channel strikes again!!!  I bet you thought you were not going to hear from me again. hehehe  I promised to give you 365 days and even if I crunch two in one, here I am! 
What happenned is that I don't have cyberconnection yet, and this my friend, is a very good thing, because if there had been access to the ethereal world of the net, I would not have unpacked as much as I have. hehe  I realized that my attempt to keep you posted by  typing from a calling screen was not very successful.

Let me tell you about day 41.  After a night of deep sleep (and this time when I say deep, I mean DEEP) I woke up to an amazingly beautiful palace.  The Manager had spent the night with us at the Palace and brought some delicious cake-like thingys for breakfast.  Then the rat race started again.  It was opening boxes, cleaning surfaces and then off to take Diva to her place of gainful employment. Then it was back to the rat race. So I thought to myself, I have the whole day to set things up, then go clean the old palace and go to bed early.

Yeah, right! I had completely forgotten that Mrs. Medwife was giving a celebration for her daughter who is comitting matrimony soon.  I could not not go to this event.  Mrs. Medwife and Mr. Galen have been so close to the family for such a long time!  So while the Manager was running her errands I started to get ready. Wait! My shoes!  Where were my shoes? You may think this is irrelevant but not if you happen to take a look at my parking room. P-A-C-K-E-D with squares.  The problem is that Yours Truly failed to label the squares appropriately, so it took me a while of hit and miss before I found THE box I was looking for. I don't want to bore you, just know that I did go to the event, where Mrs. LadyLust, Ms. Pretty and Ms Bite were also gathered. Good thing!  Otherwise I don't see those dear ladies!

Have I ever told you how much the Universe adores me?  I think  I have, but I have to tell you again: the Universe ADORES me!!!  It is constantly sending wonderful people and wonderful friends my way.  I have attracted the most amazing offspring too.  I can't say enough of how much I appreciate them. They are always there. Giving me their support and their love... unconditionally!

Mr. Grasshopper had spent the day with Mr. Lizzard and Mrs. Yum at their castle, so I went by to pick him up.  He had an amazing time, but lo and behold, the minute he got on the Red Bullet, all hell broke loose! What happens is that he has developed special emotions towards a special someone, and wants 'crystal ball' answers from me and from The Boys. Now, you know it doesn't work that way.  We are the owners of our own universe and our future - or the succession of our 'nows' - is all in our hands.

Ooops friend, last call for cyber connection. The place is closing down for the evening! Tomorrow will be another day!

Hope your weekend was magical. Mine was!


Patricia Designs said...

L'amour, l'amour help us to comit matrimony as your friend's daugher or get mr grasshopper to check with boys for romantic.
Mi admiration to you is so great that I will start a journal too (just for me).
Love you xoxo.

Masarie said...

:) One magical square after another will be disappearing from the Palace.

circe said...

Hahaha!!! I had such fun with this day!!! With the arrival of Beltaine, the God and the Goddess are making love everywhere, no wonder why Mr. Grasshopper is infused by this powerful energies (and if I may, this year they are stronger than ever before). One of the privileges of being a witch is that we can “spy” the future events hahaha. He got “the Empress”, so this special person is really beautiful and has got style…encourage him to begin taking some subtle actions to approach her (The Empress is number 3, and for me this is the number to begin taking some action!!). It will also help him to look for the positive aspects (which I bet he is doing just naturally, isn’t he? Hahaha), if I put this card in relationship with The Boy’s exercises. Ok, is not a crystal ball, and he can change everything at his will, but it’s a point to start!!!