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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 44 - May 5, 2011

I think that the Universe is trying to tell me something. I have started typing today's post 3 times and the 3 times the document disappears completely and I have to start all over again. OK, this is number 4. Let's see if it'll stick!

I'll make it short (yesterday's post was so long, you are probably still trying to finish reading it!).  My day was very good.  Grasshopper was with me and helped me do some magic with the squares.  We made a few of them disappear. What a great feeling of accomplishment that was! Mr. G was in such a great mood, we had great conversations and laughed quite a bit together.  Then in the evening, the Lords stopped by to help out with a couple of things around the palace. They are so wonderful and I am just so lucky to have them here.

The barometric conditions were optimal today. The temperature was pleasant and the big star was shining.  I got an opportunity to observe several types of feathered friends that I had not seen before.  I love observing their behavior. they live so much in the now!  My butterfly came to me in a funny moment.   Mr. Tripod was busy chasing a rodent of the fluffy-tail kind when he fell in the pond.  Well, the pond is one of very murky waters, so he walked out of there completely covered in a greenish-grayish-blackish slime.  Lovely!  As I was trying to figure out where his face was, this beautiful orange butterfly kept fluttering around us. It was not a monarch, but it was big and it was gorgeous.  Mr. Grasshopper stepped up to the plate and helped out with the cleaning process.  Much appreciated by Yours Truly.

I also received calls from people that I deeply care about. One was the Author with more great news about her publication. It's just a matter of a few weeks now. Can hardly wait!  I also spoke to the DesertRose.  She sounded fantastic!  As alert and "with it" as when she was 30 years younger.  She is an amazing woman that has been a great influence in my life. 

Later in the day Mr. Grasshopper and I were talking about fears and how as we overcome and let go of whatever it is that is scaring us, the answer and the relief overcome us. Like magic!  It reminded me of a day, many years ago, when we went to an amusement park.  As we were walking we stopped to watch this one particular amusement.  People would ride in a log-like apparatus that would go up on what seemed to be a very harmless "hill" and would come down with a splash. The people riding it seemed happy. It did not look scary at all.  So I thought it would be a good experience for Mr. G.  It took a little bit to convince him that it was really harmless. I had to point out the smiling faces of the people getting off the apparatus. So finally we got on.  Mr. G and I were riding on the same log.  As our log started climbing up the harmless "hill"  I realized that from that new perspective, the ride did not look harmless at all.  I started getting anxious.  When we reached the top, right before plummeting down to the H2O, there was an operator sitting on a booth and wearing a very stern and important look on his face; and Yours Truly, knowing perfectly well what the answer was going to be, asked if I could be spared and allowed to walk off. Stop it. I know you are making "that" face!  Well, to continue with my story, I explained to Mr. G that I was beginning not to like the drop to which he turned around and replied: "But mom, I thought that's what we came here for!"  I don't know about you, but I think that response holds a lot of meaning.  He was right, that's what we came here for; that moment of fear or doubt is the "Oh!" moment that The Boys talk so much about, and the drop is the contrast that scares and yet excites us, and when it's all said and done, we walk out of this ride, this hologram, laughing and saying "What a ride that was!" That's just me.  Things like that get me thinking.

Well dear friend, I guess that's really all that I've got to report to you today. I hope you are smiling big and appreciating everything around you.  I certainly appreciate you.

Thank you for sticking with me!



Patricia Designs said...

Thank you Channel, I keep repeting "The universe adores me" it is an affirmation that I am including in my life all the time. It takes me to a new, optimistic way of seeing life. I remember my mother repeting "life is so hard, Hell is right here right now".
Hope you had a HAPPY FRIDAY!

Patricia Designs said...

Thank you Mr. G for remind us that: "that's what we came here for!" Love this anecdote.

Days are getting sunny and warmer temp. 12 C. soon I will be able to enjoy some butterflies too.

Channel, ¿cuando tenemos la proxima teleconferencia en Español?

circe said...

Hahaha!!! That happened to me some days ago when I tried to post a comment here, and is happening sometimes on facebook too…must be a thing for nowadays Tauruses hahaha.
Squares….banishing…not paying any attention…I still have some troubles on this subject too.
I’m too beginning to say, naturally (not as a repetition parrot) to myself “the Universe adores me”!!! It’s like a wave that we are all jumping on one by one, isn’t it?
Mr. Grasshopper LAMA strikes again!!! (it got me thinking!!! I realize I still do not understand fear or negative emotions as much as I thought I did…well, I guess this is the destiny of a knowledge and wisdom lover…let’s watch how all this unfolds).