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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 43 – May 4, 2011

Guess where I'm at. Go ahead, guess! Come on! You can do better than that! Well, as it turns out, I am sitting in a beautiful working room inside my gorgeous new Palace. Woohoo!!!!! Hurray for cyberconnection providers!!! I love being able to talk to you from here! So, this is the first post that I write at our new Palace.
And speaking about love (and marriage)….
A few days ago, Diva, Mr. Grasshopper and Yours Truly had a conversation about the "M" word (I happen to have some experience in the field!). That brought me to remember that you and I had been talking about it and so, after reading what I wrote a few days ago, I thought it would be best if I told you what my standing is regarding matrimony. And I believe that The Boys share my perspective as well. (Boys, feel free to jump in anytime!) I believe in love. I truly do. I also think that marriage is a wonderful thing. I've been there twice myself. What I don't believe in is that people have to get married in order to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship. I don't believe that there needs to be a signed contract in order for a person to be committed to being happy

Here's what I think: I think that if as an individual you are happy with who you really are; that if you don't make your partner responsible for your happiness but on the other hand, you promise yourself to always look for a thought that feels better; to always look for a positive aspect in your partner and in everything and everybody that you meet, marriage bliss can last forever. Would you agree? The problems begin when we try to make the other person responsible for our own happiness (doomed to fail, if you ask me!).

Here's the thing, we are unique in our own manifestation; yes, I know you already knew that. Bear with me. Each one of us is the master of his/her own universe (you knew that as well, I know), so don't you think that expecting for someone from the outside to 'make' us happy is asking for a little bit too much? I do! And it works the other way around too. Living only to make the other person happy leads to self pity, draining of your own resources and a feeling of emptiness. Then you go and blame the poor thing for 'taking away' all that you had! You've got to make yourself happy first. You've got to take care of yourself first, before you can even say that you want to 'make' somebody else happy. If I don't feel good, how can I help you feel better? If I don't love myself, how can I promise to love you until the last day of my life? We make those vows because we know we will probably not be able to hold a positive emotion about ourselves or about our partner for too long and so we sign papers that say: I won't go anywhere even if it means going against my flow… and yours. I don't know that I can make the decision to be happy every day of my life, hence I'll sign this paper so I won't be able to get away even when I feel like running away. I don't know if I will love myself enough in order to love you… but I'll stick around! I see myself as a limited being. Happiness is an accident, not a decision. And so on. You get my drift. So again, I love matrimony when everyone involved makes the decision to be happy. It is lovely! And so, I wish for everyone who is married that you take ownership of your own happiness. That you love your partner with all your heart and soul, but that you love yourself first. Your husband, your wife, your partner, your children, your parents, they are all important. VERY important. You decided to be together during this holographic experience! But YOU are more important than anybody else. And so, the secret to marriage bliss is to love yourself so much that your love for self seeps out through every pore of your body and embraces your partner and your family. Wait a second! It was that easy! I wish I had known before! On second thought, had I not experienced marriage when I did and the way that I did, I would not be talking to you today. It is so refreshing to realize that I have not lost any opportunities; that I did not make the wrong choice on anything and that everything that I have lived had a purpose and has made me who I am today. Wow! How liberating! Isn't it?

But I must tell you about YESTERDAY as well (since I did not get an opportunity to talk to you). I did take a ride on the iron eagle as I went to a different city to do some work speaking for some people. The day was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! First, I had visitors. It turns out that on the last day of last week, as we were happily washing garments, H2O came up in a different room in the new Palace. So we called the Lords and they diligently sent someone to work on it. It was fixed ASAP and everybody's happy about it. At the same time as the pipefixers were here, another good fairy showed up at my door (ahem! My RED door, that is). This time it was the Picturetube Doctor! Yeehaw! That was good news! We were getting ready for some serious entertainment around here. After all these magical fairies left the Palace, it was time for Diva to take me to meet my eagle. I already had this feeling of accomplishment and my day was only starting! So I got to sit next to two of the Allopathic Shamans I was working with. Amazing people with tremendous insight and tons of knowledge. It is amazing to notice how all that knowledge and "hard evidence" makes people more rigid in their beliefs. It's fine with me, I adore them anyway, but I see how critical and not flexible they in their position. To make a long story short, the trip was wonderful, the iron eagles were superb, the company was absolutely amazing and I made it home on time for dinner.
Before I boarded the eagle to return home I received a word message from an old candidate. That, I will tell you, is a story that I had already scratched from my book. But every now and then, he resurfaces and tries to make noise. Yesterday was one of those days. He insisted he needed to talk to someone about his problems. Being the softie that I am when someone is in trouble, I agreed. So… he showed up right after I arrived to the Palace and stayed late talking about his problems. What could I do? Well, I gave him some amazing advice (imported directly from heaven, if I may add) and sent him on his way. After that, I crashed and burned in front of the picture tube.

This morning I woke up refreshed and full of energy for some reason. I slept better and had an a-ma-zing meditation. One of those that kicks your shoes off. After that, Mrs. Yum stopped by to say hello and guess who came by. CyberMan in the flesh! Oh! His presence was like an apparition. Just what I needed. You see, I had been waiting for his visit since a week ago. So by the time Mrs. Yum left, CyberMan had finished and I was again CONNECTED TO THE WORLD. What a feeling of relief!

Diva took a trip today and I took her to the Ironeagle Station. As I drove back I sang "Forget You" from the bottom of my lungs. Then I decided I wanted to feel the wind on my face, so I opened the window and let the wind blow my already messed-up hair. How fun! As I checked my messages I found one from the nosocomium saying there's no more work for me this week. Maybe next week. My first feeling was of fear, but I'm not kidding you, immediately after I felt the fear, I felt a tremendous relief. I know things are just fine.

Mr. Grasshopper has been a true gentleman this evening. In the best of moods too!
Well dear friend, I think I've written enough for thirty days here! If you haven't done so, check out the comments left by some of you and leave us one of your own. They are a great encouragement!
Ta-da for now!


circe said...

This post has everything!! I loved your passion in sharing your beliefs and feelings about things. You had a great day, indeed!!
I share your beliefs in the subject of "M"...quite a little letter for such a great topic!!!
I just want to love everyone in every possible way...forever! Therefore, no preferences...except for the "sexy" part hahaha, where I just can't skip having some very "strong" preferences hahaha.

Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel,

I agree with you on the meaning of M, I have been married twice and if there is a 3rd would be cohabitation.
I work in a nosocomium too (without patients)!!! Surrounded with allopathic shamans. woman shamans, books, j machinery, beakers, flasks, chemicals, petrie dishes, test tubes and latin words.
Finally, I love my window to the world that keep us connected and in touch.

Maru said...

Disfruto mucho leyendo estos artículos!