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Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 42 - May 1, 2011

Heeellooooooooo world!!!!!!
Boy!  I never imagined I would miss the cyberconnection so much!  I must say that this not having cyberconnection or tv has given us an opportunity to discover many things about eachother - by "us" I mean the dwellers of the Palace - backyard creatures and all. The universe is wise and knows exactly what we really, really want. I mean REALLY. Not what we think we want. Not what we create in our mind, but what comes from that gut feeling, that deep-rooted emotion that we can't even define with words and that sometimes it even escapes our awareness. So, I guess my desire to be closer to the Grasshopper, Diva, the Manager, and so on, was much stronger than my desire to have cyberconnection.

Enough of that. You know what?  You are absolutely right!  the magic squares keep dissappearing!  It's amazing! There's still plenty of magic to be had, but it is my pleasure to report that we have made a dent on the number of squares.

This post has turned out to be a challenge. Mr. Grasshopper is sitting right across from me. We are sitting at a SpaceDollars, enjoying a hot concoction while I talk to you,  and he is in a very talkative mood.  We have been together all evening. Of course he had been completely uninterested in engaging in conversation with me, but now that all of my attention is focused somewhere away from his amazing persona, he has decided he wants to talk about important things. So bear with me if the writing on this blog seems somewhat disconnected!

Have I told you that I looove the new Palace?  Well, I LOVE THE NEW PALACE!!!!  It has a beautiful feeling about it. And not only that, it is the playground of many butterflies who come and grace us with their presence!  Isn't that just beautiful?  I think it is!

tomorrow will be amazing. I am scheduled to fly to a different city in the arms of the iron eagle and do some work over there. Should be tons of fun.  I know I am still owing you one day.  I will catch up, I promise.
In the big!  I am.


Patricia Designs said...

How lovely a time to bond without the TV/PC distractions.

So nice to have a back yard & plant flowers. Once I placed a bird feeder in my window, was nice to watch different colourful birds coming to our window to eat.

Have fun!!

circe said...

Yaaay!!! Squares are reducing!!! Well done Channel!!!
Wouldn’t you think they wouldn’t be around, would you? The Universe ADORES you!!! I’m glad for those butterflies having you to look at them witch such passion and appreciation!!!