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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 46 - May 7, 2011

I love my family!  I really do. I am so happy that I decided to take this trip into the hologram with all of them. We are all different and I adore each one of them. The ones that are still here at the hologram and the ones that have left the physical form I knew them by.  I know at the bottom of my heart that I chose to be here with them, because what I feel for them is so strong, the love is so unconditional, that it couldn't have been any other way.  Many of you I know feel the same way, but I've known many who don't have the same type of emotion towards their blood relations.  I consider myself very fortunate and I congratulate myself for having attracted this group.

Today was wonderful!  First, I woke up really early and meditated for about 30 minutes.  Glorious! it really was.  The palace was quiet, the feathery friends were starting to wake up.  It was magical.  I got a visit from two very dear friends.  Mrs. Greenthumb and Mrs. Fixit.  They came to bring a brand new nest for Mr. Grasshopper. It turns out they had an extra nest at their castle and wanted to give it to Mr. G.  After we put it together, we had a nice brew together. A lovely visit.

Then I got to work.  I cleaned some outside sitting surfaces and was able to empty one square. Voila!  One less square!

After that I took Diva to her place of gainful employment and came back to the palace to wait for the blood relations.  First came Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador. They were so pleased with the new Palace!  They loved it!  they brought flowers and gifts. (Have I told you how much the universe adores me? hehehe)  then Mrs. Yum and the Lizard came in.  Mr. Lizard was all excited because he's got his vehicle-operating permit.  May the universe protect us! Just kidding, he's a great kid and I know he will be a super responsible operator.  After that Ladylust showed up, as well as Catlady with the baby (will soon provide you with a proper name to know her by).  We had a great time.  We laughed, we ate and they even got a bread of the sweet kind to celebrate my upcoming anniversary!  (It's a big one this year!)  A little later Mr. and Mrs. Pretty came in and later on the Manager and the Sensible One.  What more can one ask for?  Life is sooo goood!

My butterfly came by to pay her respects as I was quenching the thirst of the vegetation outside.  Yellow with a little bit of brown.  Very pretty. And very proud of herself. She would flutter around, then pose for dramatic effect, spread her wings and flutter a little bit more. Just lovely!

Mrs. Yum and the Lizard are spending the night here with us.  PAR-TY!!!  Well, not really.  Mrs. Yum is exhausted and is already having serious conversations with the fluffy while I talk to you.

Tomorrow is the day to celebrate those who perform a maternal job, so our plan is to spend the day at Mrs. Yum's and take a dip in the water tank.  Should be fun!

Dear friend, I'm afraid that's all I have to report for now.  I hope your day was beautiful. I hope you are finding many reasons to smile big!

Sweet dreams!


circe said...

That's what I call a "beautiful" day, full of beautiful things!!! mmm delicious!

siempre viva said...

Is so nice to come here and read you... this past days I kept thinking "how is my other life going?" is like by reading you we become part of all this wonder, fun and amusement of your and we feel surrounded for the same love that you do...
Love your very fresh sense of humor....