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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 50 – May 12, 2011

I promised to write every day and so I will write tonight, even though I may be unable to post today's conversation (5/12/2011) as the website is down! Oh well, everything happens for a reason, so I'm not going to worry about it. This is a minuscule contrast that has already put in motion the gears for a much better blog service. Wouldn't you agree?


Guys, the universe adores me (have I said that before?). See, this is what happened. I was looking at my outlook and it didn't look very promising. So I was starting to wonder how to structure Plan B, when some of the projects that I had worked on at the end of last year came back to life. Yeehaw!!! Continuity is the name of the game. Today also I opened the square with the image of Laxmi that my dear friend (the Inspired One) from the other side of the puddle sent to me a few years ago. Is it a coincidence? Nah! There are no coincidences. I think it is my disposition and openness. I have decided to feel abundance, to breathe abundance, to speak abundance and to BE abundant. There! That's my new life resolution! A-BUN-DANCE so let's dance together to the rhythm of prosperity, love and well-being!


The Manager reported today that she is hard at work submitting proposals. I just dream of the day when we receive the call. Aahhh! I can almost taste it!!! Can you see it? I certainly can!

Today was another magical day as Tlaloc graced us with his gift of precipitation! It had been a while since last time we saw some and today we saw PLENTY OF IT. I was telling Diva that the Universe was just waiting for us to move into our new Palace. It just didn't want to cause any inconveniences for us. So today it came down with a vengeance! The vegetation was so happy to feel the freshness of the H2O!!! Diva got a bug under her skin and ran outside to thank the rain goddess for the event! I remember when I used to do that!


Mr. Grasshopper is getting all big on us now. He is not amenable to childish entertainment anymore and refuses to be spoken to like a child. Good for him! He is ready to be done with one teaching house in a week so tomorrow we will find him suitable attire for the ceremony! I must report that he is looking gooooood! We had a nice conversation tonight about meankids. What had happened is that during this learning year he experienced some of that at the learning house. It has all been resolved (because the Universe adores him too, of course!) and so he was saying that had been a negative experience, to which I thought, "Well, let's be grateful for that experience because you are a much stronger person now, you have discovered that the secret lies within you and not within anybody else. You now know that you can be happy REGARDLESS of what everybody else thinks." Sometimes contrast comes into our experience and we don't understand why we have to go through it, but after the cloud has passed we realize that we are bigger and better. Either because we have gained a new understanding or a new skill, but something about us is better.


Anyway, that was my day today. I will continue trying to post this until the contrast has been resolved. It's been nice talking to you!


circe said...

I loved it!!! My favourites in this post is the way you connected through the gods and goddesses of the "Old Ways" of spirituality. thank you for this honouring gesture!!

siempre viva said...

I like your feeling of abundance, it was very sweet to feel it with you. And tell Mr.G that I admire him for being such grownup kid now...he seems to be stepping up to your "level" of awareness, is such a Joy to have a kid-companion like this... and I know that the 3 of your kids are wonderful Gra... amazing mom!