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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 48 - May 10, 2011

Well hello there!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  I sure did. I have learned to appreciate so many things that I used to take for granted. Ever since I started channeling and really paying attention to everything around me, my world has become magical. My days are filled with butterflies and synchronicities. Life is really, really good.

Time is only a perception, I know.  But we came into the hologram to play with time. Would you agree with me?  And space and density, I know. Well, according to our measurement of time, today marks the last day of a 12-month cycle in my life. And according to Mrs.Oraclelady tonight my slate is wiped clean. YEEE-HAW!!!! Anybody up for partying? (Just kidding). She indicated that, because our dear ancestors (by 'us' I mean those of us who were born south of the Rio Grande River) had a very particular way of counting cycles, today I am closing a cycle and tomorrow I am starting a brand new one. Now, The Boys will say, "the only moment that you have is NOW," and I understand perfectly well what they mean, but this year I choose to believe that the Mayans were right, that today I can give the Universe all my worries and that tomorrow I will start on a brand new, clean page. Nice penmanship an all. Actually, I'm starting right now! hehehe.

About today...the morning was spent opening squares and then working on Old Faithful, putting words from one language into another. I took breaks in between to quench the thirst of the vegetation and stopped to admire nature at work.  I truly do believe that animals and vegetation came to balance our vibration. As I was going about my business around the palace, something caught my eye outside.  So I came to the window to see what it was.  I had set up a man-made rainmaker so the trees and plants in my gorgeous backyard wouldn't die (I don't mean to brag, but it IS gorgeous!). Well, when I came close to the window I could see what it was that had caught my eye. There were 3 feathery friends of a bright red color (you catch my drift. the kind that sings beautifully), playing in my rain.  They would stand on a tree branch and then dive in through the rain, flying non-stop, to end up on another branch on the other side. They were having so much fun! Along with them were a couple of rodents of the fluffy-tail kind and quite a few butterflies and bees flying around them.  What a sight!  Freckles and Tripod were dying to go out there and join them but I knew they would scare them away, so I kept them inside just for a little bit longer. Wow. What a treat! This is what I mean by learning to appreciate things we would give for granted.  Thank you Universe for allowing me to witness your creatures at play!  So much fun!

Then I had a couple of phone meetings and before I knew it it was time to pick Mr. Grasshopper up from the learning house.  Ladies and gentlemen, he is so much in love that he can't sit still!O la-la, L'Amour!  We are having so much fun together talking about it! I still remember those days when I used to wonder "Does he like me? Will he call?" lol.  Soooo much fun!  I love that boy.  Today, talking about his feelings for that "special someone" he said, I know that my inner self must recognize her, I know it. When I asked why, he responded:  "Because what I feel when I see her, I have never felt before." There you have it!  Remember when we spoke about the train hitting you? Wow.  How beautiful a feeling that is!!! LOVE!!!!! We are meant to love. We are here to love. And so when we feel love, everything around us changes.  Now, we don't have to wait for that special someone to appear for us to feel love. We don't even have to think of our husbands or wives or children or parents to feel love. All we have to do is look inside of us, do some introversion, and fall in love with what we find, because whatever may be that we find is exactly what we meant it to be before we came. And it is perfect!

All right, enough philosophy for one day. Update on the Palace. I'm very pleased to report that things are moving along. Slowly, but moving right along. I see a pattern. Full squares inside the Palace, half-empty squares and a big mess, then empty squares and a medium mess, on to no squares and no mess, and then we start all over again as I bring more in.  Tomorrow will be the day to take a trip to the Takeitfromme shop. Ahhh!  the feeling of relief!

One last thing to report is that Diva's behavior is erratic.  She offered to clean the cooking room!!! I, of course, said YES. but found the offering to be very, very unusual!  I love that girl. She to is in love. She too has her everyday stories and wonders what the other person may be thinking. It is so much fun - and such a privilege - to be able to share this with her!

OK, time to stop talking. Tonight, before I slide off to play in the non-physical, I will ask my Inner Being, The Boys, The Universe, to give me some specific answers in my dreams.  I just looove knowing that the answer is just a question away!

Sweet dreams!


Hemal said...

Happy Birthday, "Channel"! :)

Ana Paula said...

Did you get your answers?

circe said...

For me the Mayan calendar is understood not as a concrete moment in the physical time, but as a concrete situation of the spiritual evolution…so you may have it today, other person could have had it years ago, and I may have it in 1012…
Rain spells!!! I love them!!! When I ask for rain it usually take the sky from 1 to 3 days to rain, but it sure does!!! You must show me your rainmaker…I’d love to make one!!!
I can’t wait to know more about “the grasshopper and the little princess fairy tale”…step aside Kate and Will…we have a better story here!!! hahaha