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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 111 - July 17, 2011

Today has been a very good day. No, actually, it was a very VERY good day.  That's better!  It startted off with the super early ungoldly hour gainful employment. Then our usual Sunday Morning Gang get together, followed by a Spanish cyber-get together with The Boys.  I'm not going to lie, I have felt super the opposite of rested all day long.  Things are definitely not the way they used to be when I could stay up all dark hours and be as fresh as a lettuce (hehehe, that's literally translated from non-English!!!) the next day. No sir-ree, things have changed.

After that I had a meeting with two people for whom I hold aspecial place in my heart. Now, don't get all jealous, you too have a special place, it's only that these two, well, what can I say? Let me tell you a little bit about them.  About a trip around the star ago, Mrs. Strong gave birth to this lovely little being, who was born with a tickler that was different.  His appearance in the hologram was brief and confined to a room in the nosocomium, and I had the honor of spending many 60-minute intervals with him and his parents. then, he withdrew his attention from the hologram and Mr. and Mrs. Strong went back to the town they came from.  during all that time there was something that was obvious to all that came in contact with them, the love that they had for each other and for their precious little son. anyway, he left and then they went back to their hometown, and today they came back to visit and called to see me. We spent 2 hours remembering. They gave me an account of how things were for them back then and how wonderful things are now...and how much better they look for the future.  They were so amazing in their expressions of appreciation and gratitude for what I did for them that I felt so honored and humbled. Hours later I am still full with emotion about this encounter.

Then LadyLust and Mr. Buff came over with little Miss ChubbyCheeks. We had a great time talking.  Ms. ChubbyCheeks was not happy at first but then ended up slipping into slumber in my upper extremities. Ahhh!  The Boys are always saying how much babies are in-tune with source energy and by holding here, I could feel her alignment. Big time! She is an adorable bundle of joy!

As if that were not enough, then we went to the moving picture viewing house. By 'we' I mean Mr. G, Diva, the Manager and YoursTruly.  Saw a movie about the boy who flies on a broom and has lightning on his forehead.  I love my offsrping, I really do, I'd do anything for them.

That's that for one boring Sunday. Now I'll catch some shut-eye!

See ya later!

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