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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 142 - September 1st., 2011

I am so happy that I don't even care about the lack of cold air.  You see, a few months ago I thought I wanted to do "something" about the book, but I just didn't know exactly what. Well, as always, the universe, in a very subtle way, brought to me that "something."  Check it out:  Isn't is amazing? I just loved it! Tell me what you think. I have asked the same company to do the same for the book that is written in my mother tongue, but they tell me it is not possible. Oh well, maybe PicassoSouthofTheBorder will be able to help me out, so I just sent him a ciberletter inquiring about that.

Today started with the mandatory alarm-cursing (no, I have not conquered that yet!). Specially after a night of very light sleep. Then I spent a considerable amount of 60-second intervals trying to figure out what to dress my anatomy with today. Anywho, Mr. G and YoursTruly got ready pretty fast, considering the fact that both of our physical apparatus felt exhausted from the heat. Our ride to the learning house was very pleasant. We spoke about the difference between religion and spirituality and the funniest part was when he turned around and said "But you are definitely much more spiritual than religious. Anyone can see that." I just looooooove that hopper!

I WON THE LOTTERY! I really did! You see, the other day LadyLust had purchased a pair of moneyscatchers and gave me one. Well, I discovered I had about 100 cents in prices. So I happily went to the trading post to trade the cardboard for another game. What was my surprise when as I was starting to walk away, the employee tells me, "Ma'am, you are forgetting your other $5.00" OMG. I felt like if I had won the lottery. And I actually did!!!! I was so excited that a couple of males standing in line burst out in laughter. Life is soooo goood!

Another fantastic thing was how my butterfly came to me today. I had taken a break from the LawHouse and was sitting inside the RedBullet making some calls. As I was sitting there, talking to the Manager, I felt rather than "heard" something on my window. As I turned around to look, there was this gorgeous butterfly. Yellow and brown with some blue spots on her wings. She stood there as if waiting for me to open the window for her. I thought it would be a good idea to snap a picture of her but I'll be darned if my talking device would let me. I tried and tried and by the time it was ready to go, she took off, flying like a queen around my vessel and then off to the trees. Ah! That was lovely.

I think that's going to be it for tonight. I'm going to get under the domestic waterfall and cool off for the evening.

Ta-da for now!!!

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