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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 139 - August 28, 2011

Another amazing time spent with the Sunday Morning Gang!  I understand that there was a large group attending the call.  I hope you were there.  I cannot remember what was said, but what I do remember is the energy that I felt when I finished channeling. A-mazing!

Did I say that yesterday had been the hottest day of this trip around the sun in my city? Well, little did I know that today was going to top that!  Oh, Baby!  Was it not-cold-at-all today! 

The very good thing is that Ms Bite invited LadyLust and YoursTruly to "cool off" in the waterhole. Even the H2O was a little bit too much on the warm side of things!  But we had so much fun! LadyLust brought some brewed beverages of the very cold kind and the three of us proceeded to have a lovely time under the fireball in the sky.  At times we were joined by other beings, some a little bit on the way-too-talkative side, but all of them nice nonetheless.  I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Earlier, on our way to the waterhole, we spoke with Mrs. Convert, who was happily spending the weekend with all her offspring.  She told us that yesterday they took a choo-choo ride with YourExcellency Mr. Ambassador and the rest of the clan.  According to her report, they had an amazing time.  It is always uplifting when we get to speak to Mr. and Mrs. Convert. Actually, to any of the members of the Convert Family!  I also got to speak briefly with Mr. Farmer, who is  elated by the promise of his first offspring!  Yeehaw for family!!

Later LadyLust and YoursTruly proceeded to have some... yep, you've got it... ICE CREAM!  Isn't that just the best way to end an amazing time under the sun? I tell you, I love that woman!  I am so grateful to the universe for having set everything in motion so that we could share our time at the hologram on this amazing ride!

On the way back from dropping LadyLust off at her residence I spoke to the Author, who is always full of amazing news about her book. And still a little later, I spoke to Mrs. Yum!  She is so much fun. I enjoy our conversations tremendously.

After that, I did a little meditation, got under the domestic waterfall and then proceeded to enjoy the laziest of afternoons in front of the moving-picture box. That felt good!

This coming week already looks busy.  That's exciting! That means a lot of adventure!

Hope you start yours with a smile.



siempre viva said...

Great! my morning was amazing as well!!! Was half awake-half sleep listening to your morning call listening and feeling... usually I am awake but this morning I went to bed at 2 am so I could not be 100% awake but then suddenly I felt a vortex kind of energy swirling around me it felt to wonderful and then I felt myself floating in the air, levitating just feeling very "lite" and blessed... Thank you ALL for your wonderful energy!
BTW I want some of that warm weather, can you send some to San Francisco please?

Fer said...

Hi Gra,

As always it's very nice to hear from you. I was at the call but didn't ask any question.
It seems you don't have fights anymore with the alarm clock. Tell me how to do it lol I always keep postponing the time on the alarm clock, I loooove sleeping but sometimes it makes me angry because I have many things to do.
Lots of love