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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 143 - September 2, 2011

Is it a channel's responsibility to provide ongoing communication to the people who follow the message or is it a joyful co-creative experience where channel and "recipient" share the excitement of the interaction created by the messages that are coming through? I'd like to think that the more the interaction is based on freedom and joy, the better that it is.  Otherwise it wouldn't be called channeling, right? I had never before stopped to think about this until someone raised a concern about not receiving frequent communications from The Boys.  So I thought about it and meditated on it. The answer came back loud and clear:  this is a relationship of love and it is a true co-creation.  When the hearts are ready to listen, the channel flows towards that direction. When the hearts are busy growing and applying what they've learned, the channel flows towards the direction where his or her attention should be focused. It is truly not much of a choice. Yeah, your eyes are glazing and you're thinking "this Channel went coo-coo."  I really haven't.. or have I?  The way the answer came back is this:  I am "pulled" to pay more attention where there is more desire.  Remember how The Boys always tell you "We are here not because we decided that you needed us, not because the Channel decided that you needed us, but because you created this moment by your own desire to know more"?  Well, that made it very clear to me. There!  I'm off the hook! la,la,la.....

today I woke up in a special mood. I just feel like singing and rejoicing.  My spirit is soaring with the birds. And speaking about birds, today I saw one of our magestic feathered friends, the hawk!  I hadn't seen one in a while, and yesterday one of them came all the way down to my fence.  How impressive creatures they are. We stared at each other for a little bit. We both understood. Then he took off. Spreading his amazing wings.  Show-off!

This morning the Manager invited me to morning meal at her castle.  She has such a beautiful dwelling! It is a joy to see how nicely she has settled into her role as a housewoman.  You've done well, Channel, you've done well!

Diva reports positive experiences in the city that never sleeps. She has found a dwelling and now feels like she has moved to the big city!  Her vibration has shifted and she is in a much more positive mood. Hurray for DIVA!!!!

Gottago.  I hope you are smiling!

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Fer said...

As usual, it is lovely hearing from you Gra! You shouldn't pay attention to those concerns. Everything flows in Divine timing!
I'm sure you did and do the best with all your children! Sometimes we are too critical of ourselves but I'm sure you did the best you could with them and they are as amazing as their mom is.
Lots of love