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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 146 - September 9, 2011

Tonight I am hitting the nest with the biggest smile ever.  Guess what?  Guess! C'mon! GUESS! 

Give up? 

Weeeeellllll...... DIVA IS HERE!  Yes!  Isn't that great? I knew she was coming, although I thought she would arrive into my corner of the hologram the day after this one. But she decided to take the iron eagle a day earlier and surprise me with her arrival.  Oh yeah baby!  Was I surprised!   It's amazing.  This has happened to me several times throughout the lives of my offspring.  They seem to mature and grow when they are away from me.  That's how I felt about Diva when I first saw her. It was funny.  The Manager had told me she was coming over tonight for a little bit, so I was not surprised to see her.  She came in, pretended to look for something in her carrying bag and then asked me if I could help her get some stuff out of her vessel.  What was my surprise when I stepped outside the palace and found Ms Diva, suticase in tow, with a big old smile!!!  I am still savoring the moment.  YUMMY!!!

Family is very important to YoursTruly. It has always been.  There is nothing like knowing that no matter what you decide to do with the time you have in the hologram; no matter who you decide to share paths with or how you choose to spend your Washingtons, blood relations will always be there to support you. In other words, they've got your back.  I have been so fortunate to have attracted an amazing group of blood relations. We truly are not your regular run of the mill.

Another great experience today was a conference with The Boys in my native tongue.  We tried a new way of doing this and it turned out fantastic. The questions were amazing and the answers, as always, full of light, love and inspiration. Life is soooo goood.

This morning I traveled to the Book Dealer's side of the hologram for a lesson.  The subject matter was extremely interesting and I got to interact with some amazing people.

When Mr. G and I were traveling back from his learning house he said something that really touched my beating organ. We were talking about chores - a subject that is not a favorite of either one of us - and suddenly he stopped me and said:  "This subject is not making me feel good at all. I think I'm going to stop talking about it and start thinking about something that makes me feel good."  What do you think about that?  Moments like this fill me up with joy and pride.  Hurray for the G-Man!!!

Come to think about it, my life is amazing. it is actually really amazing. I am surrounded by loving beings (be it human or not), abundance is flowing towards me, spirit adores me and flows through me and I am in complete and absolute love with myself. hehe. So, when I say "life is good" I think that what I really, really mean to say is "LIFE IS FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!"  Pardon my language, but that's how it feels like!  Love is in the air!

OK gotta go now. Tomorrow will be a day of speaking with YourBenchmen. I am getting ready for a weekend of amazing family experiences. 

Ta-da for now!

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Fer said...

Those kind of surprises are GOOOOD surprises. I'm so glad you're enyojing time with your family. I loved the conference.
Lots and lots of love and light for you and your family