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Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 144, September 4, 2011

Can you use the words "relaxing" and "productive" in the same sentence to define the same experience?  Well, I used to think you couldn't, but for some reason, this weekend has been both, relaxing and productive.  I kind of like this!

Let's start from the beginning.  Yesterday Lord 1 loaned us their swimmingpond and so our plan changed from Ms Bite's location to ours.  We had a great time. Then in the evening we headed towards Cousin Love's location to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of MamaLove's arrival into the hologram.  We had soooo much fun!  Mr G and YoursTruly headed back early as I needed to get some sleep before my early morning work today. 

Then today I proceeded to clean Diva's old nest and fluffies in preparation for Mr. Fun's visit to the Palace.  It is so exciting to know he will be here soon!  Living away from blood relations of the closest kind helps one appreciate them even more. So whenever there is an opportunity to see them, it is always a celebration.  We will hold a blood-relation gathering in his honor. LadyLust is excited making all sorts of preparations. My role, you ask?  Well, I provide the location!   If it's a matter of partying, you can count on LadyLust's participation!

And speaking about LadyLust, can I tell you just how grateful I am to... to.... to myself, I guess, for sharing the same time and space reality with her in the hologram?  Being around her is always an experience. She is such a giving person. Thank you UNIVERSE!

What else, what else?  OH!  I've been communicating with PicassoSouthofTheBorder about the creation of a small moving picture for the Spanish book, El Universo a Tus Pies; all I can say about this is that it's getting pretty exciting! I am so happy to be in the middle of a clan with so much talent! And let me tell you, speaking about talent, the Convert Clan has plenty!

Ms Bite invited a very hungry Mr G and YoursTruly for some delicious midday nutrition. We were hoping we would be able to hop into the watertank but the weather kept teasing us, so we just chatted away. Then Mr. G and I proceeded to head back to the hologram and then to the exhaustion machines, where Mr. G ran like deer! Later in the evening, the Boys held a couple of international sessions.

Today I kept thinking about just how much this Channel has changed and also how much the universe adores me.  I understand that I am building a very specific kind of amazing manifestations because the smoke curtain is pretty dense at my location. However, I feel so much joy and excitement that at the same time that I can't see beyond my nose, I just know that whatever lies ahead of the curtain is pretty darn amazing and feels incredibly good.  I am learning new and improved ways to let go every single day, and I tell you, by the time all of this is said and done, I will have achieved mastery at letting go! But what really amazes me is the difference that it makes when you are holding hands with BigYou.  I can honestly tell you that being one with who I am through the power of meditation is the power that keeps me going, and not only that, it is the power that is already creating an amazing reality for me and my clan. I am one lucky channel because as I go through contrast with pretty amazing ease, I am attracting beings around me that make the journey even easier and more enjoyable. What else could anyone ask for?

Tomorrow is a day of non-work in these parts of the hologram, so Mr. G and YoursTruly will behave accordingly.  We will remain in our nests until our physical apparatus' no longer want to be horizontal; then we will have our morning nutrition and head up to Ms Bite's location for another attempt at the watertank. After that, a very excited Mr. G wants to go to a specific trading post to spend his Washington's in a head-covering device.

It's all good!

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Fer said...

Lovely as usual! I know what you mean about appreciating your blood relations more when you're far. I moved out of my parent's place, 2 years ago and now I appreciate them even more.
Have a wonderful day and week
Lots of love