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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 147 - September 9, 2011

I love the feeling of expectation.  I love it when you are looking forward to something and the moment is rapidly approaching.  How about you?  Well, that's exactly how I feel right now.  Not only the palace feels like heaven with the presence of Diva, but tomorrow Mr. DeliMan and Ms Song arrive into my part of the hologram for a joyful blood-relations reunion.  It will be a weekend of fun!  One thing you must know about Mr. DeliMan is that he is one of the least serious people I know on the hologram.  When you are around him, you have no choice but to laugh.  So... expect me to have a few additional wrinkles by Monday!  hehehe

And because the Universe adores me, today I showed up early and ready to work with YourBenchman and fifteen 60-second intervals later I was sent back to the palace. No more work for this channel. So I took the opportunity to spend precious time with Diva and get the Palace ready for my sibling's visit tomorrow.  Otherwise, those activities would've been happening as I type these words. Isn't it wonderful how the universe knows exactly what we want and delivers it without us even having to ask for it? 

Today as I was speaking with Mrs Yum the subject of cyberlove came up.  She has been playing with finding a partner through reputable cyberservices.  For a moment there the thought of joining (again) crossed my mind, but it was immediately replaced by a knowing (see how I did not choose the word "feeling") that there's no need. That my other half is already walking towards me and that he will manifest before I can say "look."  It was an amazing feeling because I was not "considering" the pros and cons of joining, I was just thinking about it. And my Inner Me came in loud and strong saying "Hold your horses, you Channel you;  he's already on his way!" Wow!  I have to say this. My InnerMe has a very loud and clear voice.  Let me tell you something, and you will probably roll your eyes, but it doesn't matter because it is amazing.  Some times, early in the morning when it's time for meditation and I am too tired to wake up, I clearly hear my name.  So clearly that I fall for the trap every single time. I get up to see if it is Diva or Mr. G calling me.  That just goes to prove that the more you allow your energy, your essence, to flow with and through you, the more its presence becomes prevalent in your experience. A-ma-zing!

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