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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 156 - October 1st., 2011

Don't you just love it when you get to share moments of greatness with the people that you love? Today was one of those.  I had the privilege of sharing a wonderful moment with Mr. and Mrs. Convert, when MedicineBoy and AngelGirl called to let them know that the baby that they are helping bring into the hologram is one of the female kind!  It was an exciting and very moving moment, as Mrs. Convert could not hold back the tears (nothing new with Mrs. Convert, I must say, as she has the ability to let the eye water flow with great ease!).  The rest of the day was centered about this event.  The vibrations were high and I felt priviledged for having been here to share this very special moment with them.

That alone made for an amazing day, but as if that was not enough, the universe gifted me with even more amazing experiences. When the Converts received the call, we were traveling towards the center of the  town so that Ms Studious and YoursTruly could see the surroundings. Well, when we got there we walked around for a little bit. Visited the town square and ended up talking to a Wizzard, who was very funny and would only tell us our fortune if we purchased some of his goods. hehe. So we did and I he told us great things about our horoscope. Nothing we didn't know already, but fun anyway.

Then Mr. Convert picked us up and we travelled to Mr. Landman's home, where we enjoyed the views.  You see, his home is up on a hill and has an amazing view over the city.  From there, Mr.Convert pointed out the land where his project will blossom.  Oh, let me tell you something, that project will be a great one.  I am very excited about it. As if that were not enough, Mr. Convert invited us for linner at a very good eating place.  This, my friend, was a magical experience, the food was out of this hologram, but the conversations that we had there were life changing for Ms Studious.  You see, she had spoken to The Boys a few years ago but felt "this was not for her;" today, during a conversation with Mrs Convert she heard that Mr. convert had a 180 deg. change on his outcome in life and that it had happened thanks to things he heard from The Boys.   It's funny to see, if this information had come out of the lips of YoursTruly, it would have not had this effect, but yesterday it came from Grandma Convert and so, it carried the weight of truth and objectivity with it.  During our meal she opened up and spoke about the heave loads that she carries upon her shoulders. Deep and very important conversations and The Boys took the mike without announcement.  I'm not sure anybody noticed, but that's not important.  We got up and left but I knew her life had changed. I knew she had a whole new field of possibilities opening up right before her very own eyes and challenging her thoughts and beliefs. The vibration of the whole group after that was smooth and high.

From there we went to visit the labrynth.  This is a place for walking meditation and the constructionwoman arranged for it to stay open so we could see it.  I had seen it before and find it a place of amazing energy.  It was nice to see ConstructionWoman again, maybe next time I will get to see the Hermitage Apostole again.

Once at the castle we sat outside and enjoyed the evening.  Rodents of the flying kind flew by us and drank water from the swimming pond, all sorts of noises from different creatures could be heard. This, my friend, is indeed a magical place. I am so lucky to have come here.

I believe that Ms Studious is enjoying her experience and truly learning more of my language from it.I am happy for that.

Mission accomplished!

Oh,oh,oh I almost forgot to tell you!!!! I am in butterfly heaven! You won't believe the amount and variety of butterflies around this castle! But the most beautiful ones are a pair of white (Huge!) butterflies that playt in their background field!

Tomorrow we will travel back to the Great Tenochtitlan and then back to our homeland. Life is very good!

Ta-da for now!

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Patricia Designs said...

Querida Channel,
Me encanta que hayas tenido un dia tan fabuloso!
Gracias por todo, soy muy feliz.