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Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 157 - October 3, 2011

What a trip this day has been!  What am I saying?  What a trip this whole experience has been!!!  But today was even more special.  Want to hear a little bit about it?  OK. if you insist...

First, we woke up in paradise, had an amazing breakfast and then proceeded to take a walk along the cobblestone streets.  Our steps took us to this amazing field of blossoms of the Valentine's Day kind (ha! got you thinking, uh?). Then we proceeded to knock on the entrance to the palace of an old friend.  This old friend used to be a close friend of late Mrs. Idem.  This was an experience all in its own. We were greeted at the door by Mrs. Apple's butler, but as we entered the premises this channel's jaw fell to the floor.  You should've seen the grounds. Amazing.  A true mansion. Anyway, I enjoyed the visit tremendously and had great conversations with the Apple Family.

After that, we proceeded to move our walking apparatus towards the Convert's castle to gather our belongings.  We loaded the vessel and off we went to the Great Tenochtitlan!  Grandma Convert is an ace at the wheel and we were back in her urban castle in no time at all.  half way along the way we received a communication from Uncle Toing, inviting us for afternoon nutrition at a very nice establishment.  Who can say no to such a generous invitation! So we stopped at the castle to pick up the handsome PoetBoy and off we went again!  (Just imagine mrs. Studious. We have turned her world upside down. She'll probably be in complete silence for the next 7 24-hour episodes!).  We had the most amazing of times.  Uncle Toing and Mrs. Song were already waiting for us. We had amazing nutrition of the most fine local cuisine, listened to traditional music and laughed reminiscing of old times.  After that we traveled back to the Convert's Castle, where we rejoined Uncle Toing and had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Dandy.  Uncle Toing has the ability to tell every day stories in a way that makes you laugh until your cheeks hurt, so you can imagine how the evening ended!  All in very high spirits.  I was so happy to see that Mr. Dandy and PoetBoy are doing so well in their respective gainful employments!  They look more appealing than ever and they are such nice human beings!

This experience is coming to an end. Tomorrow it is back to the iron eagle and back to the Palace.  Freckles had to have an operation of the medical kind in my absence so I am looking forward to seeing her, and of course Tripod, my faithful guardian.

Mr. G has been in touch all these days.  Making sure I am having a good time and hoping I pick him up from his learning house!

Aaah!  Life is so good. Tomorrow I get to see the Manager, Mr. G and my friends of the furry kind. It will be nice to be back in the palace!


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