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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 159 - October 5, 2011

This day has been full of emotions... and not all of them were positive! hehehe  Let's start from the beginning.   I woke up nice and early this morning and meditated for a nice long while.  I had hit the nest early the night before this one, so I was well rested and got up without cursing the waker device (and I am not talking about a narrative story but about an apparatus that interrupts my slumber.  On purpose!)  as I normally do. Mr. G woke up without much arguing and life proceeded smoothly until I realized that I had not received the monetary compensation I was expecting in payment of my services.  After a myriad of talking calls and written messages I finally got an answer and was told I would receive it the day after this one. Already 5 days late, but a payment after all.  I was already getting to a better place about it when I received a notification informing me of the amount..... much less than what I had estimated.  There you go channel, blood pressure hit the fan and I got on the talking apparatus again to resolve this issue (can you picture all of this swimming against the current?).  Needless to say the issue has not yet been resolved, so I resolved to leave it to the universe, just like traffic.  The more I push the farther from me it gets, so I will get busy with life and let it come to me. Do you agree?  Thank you! Somehow I knew you would agree with me!

The rest of the day was actually awesome.  Let's see.  I worked on the cyberspace sending out my qualifications.  Held an important conversation with Mr. Language from Cowtown. Then I got all pretty and proceeded to pick up LadyLust, who had invited YoursTruly to a delicious midday nutrition.  On my way there I placed a connection to Grandma Convert, who was, as always, cheerful and full of insight.  She has the peculiarity of raising my spirit every time I talk to her!  Midday nutrition with LadyLust was fun and light. We conversed about future plans and got excited about them (what better way to come into alignment with them?)

Two funny things happened today.  First, Cousin Love's little one had played with one of my sliding holders and for 3 months I had been unable to open it.  I had cursed at it, tried to pry it open, pushed and shoved, to no avail. Something was stuck inside of it. Well, today, without even thinking I pulled on it and.... it opened! It just slid like if it had never been stuck!  Oh, I thanked the universe profusely!!!!! And as if this was not enough, I also found a picture ID that I had lost and will be needing on the day after this one.  I had looked left and right, up and down, and nothing. Today as I was interacting with our friend from Universal Energy Radio during our every-other-Wednesday-call, I looked in a bag where I had looked many times during the past 10 days, and there it was. Right there, on plain sight.  Ha! I thought, the universe is determined to make me feel good tonight!!!

Earlier in the afternoon, after picking up a very proud soccer-playing Grasshopper, we traveled to Ms. LadyLust's place of gainful employment. She hopped on the red bullet and proceeded to invite Mr. G and YoursTruly to a delicious meal of the traditional sandwich kind. Yummy-yum-yum! It was so much appreciated! Have I told you how much I enjoy her company? Well, now you know!  Mr. Buff and Little Miss ChubbyCheeks came by but I was unable to interact with them as I was busy talking radio.

Later in the evening I had another conversation with Grandma Convert. I just love that lady! I promise!

Now, Mr. Grasshopper has a humble request from you:  that you gather all your positive thoughts and send them his way as tomorrow will be the make-or-break decision about him joining his learning house's team. Me?  Oh, I of course have my fingers and toes crossed to the point of cramping!  I know that his reality is his and his alone and that I cannot affect it. But it's fun keeping him company and raising his vibration along the way!

Tomorrow I will be spending some labor time at the nosocomium where I used to labor. Should be fun!  I'll keep you posted.

Ciao my dear friend. Thank you for your company!


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