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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 14 – April 3, 2011

Hello there! I hope your Sunday was at least half as nice as mine was. You may wonder how can I say it was nice when I was supposed to be packing and sweating all day. Well, you guessed right, I didn't. I got busy doing other stuff and ended up not packing. J
This posting may be short as there's not a lot to report. I started my day with my favorite thing to do: CHANNELING! The Sunday morning call with GorgeousDownUnder and the SER Sunday Morning Crowd is the highlight of my week. Seriously. Try to call in one of these days. Pure bliss. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! As DaHempster would say. The questions are always amazing, because each question comes from a completely different perspective, and the answers from The Boys always bring my understanding to the next level. It is co-creation at its finest. When you start your day at such a high frequency of vibration, everything else seems to fall into place. Even when interesting contrast shows up, like my washing machine breaking down in the middle of the wash. (With wet clothes in it and all!) Aaaahhhhhh!
After the call we went to Mrs. Yum's home for a delicious late lunch. I enjoy her company so much! We laughed a lot and even took a nap while Mr. Grasshopper and the Lizard were watching TV. Now THAT's relaxing, isn't it? She had heard a conversation last night that spoke about how much evil there is out there in our world and how much at risk our children are. I reminded her that it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. To me, statements like those come from a very limited perspective. If you know you are vulnerable, then you are. But if you know that you are powerful. That you are made from the same stuff that the universe is made of and that nothing is impossible to you, then you ARE powerful and nobody can create in your reality, unless you allow it. By thinking of our children as unlimited beings; as powerful creators, we are already giving them a better perspective of themselves. Because your words will always match the emotion behind your thoughts. You cannot encourage your child to do something that you do not believe that he or she is capable of doing and expect to be convincing about it. So, by knowing that your child is a powerful creator and that he or she has chosen this reality with the same power that you chose yours, you are already putting them in a place on empowerment, and so your words will match your feelings.
On the ride back The Grasshopper and I had a nice conversation (are you surprised?) about relationships between parents and children. He's pretty smart. We came back to the Palace to find the Diva gone. We made ourselves some super delicious and light dinner and are getting ready to wrap up for the evening. But not before saying hello to you.
So, to make a long story short, today was a nice-and-lazy day!!! Just my kind of Sunday!
You have no idea how much I am appreciating all your comments and e-mails. The energy around this blog is building up nicely and it really encourages me to keep up with it!
See you tomorrow!


Laura said...

Isn't it nice sometimes just give yourself permission to be lazy?
Yes, I do it too!!!
Lovely day! and packing can be lots of fun please don't plan it on being a drag... it may be tiering but fun!
I wish I could help you, I like organizing other people's stuff... when it comes to mine..............LOL

Laura said...

BTW I like this yellow color of the letters...

circe said...

Great day!!! And great lesson!!! Yes, it's very funny when you realize (sí, darse cuenta) some things.
But, for me, this isn't a lazy day: you were doing many things in a comfortable way...However, for me, it really is my kind of a wonderful day, too!!! Congratulations!