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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 89 - June 21, 2011

Young Mr. Grasshopper has been quiet on the spiritual side of things. Let me tell you something, he has NOT been quiet AT ALL on the physical end!  Whew! That boy can talk your hearing apparatus out! It warms my tickler to see how happy and joyful he is. Worried about nothing except having fun (as he should) and being a total teenhopper, complete with messy room and all.  Today Diva was telling him that what he thought was going on with a certain member of the opposite gender was not what he thought.  After a few minutes of something that could have been construed as an argument, Mr. G, back in his old rare form, turned around and said "I choose to see it that way, Diva. It makes me feel good." Simple and to the point, I thought. Therein lies the secret to unwavering happiness! Life is not what we see. Life is not what "reality" shows us, but what we make of it and the way we decide to feel about it! There is our point of attraction, where we stand in relation to what goes on around us. A very simple statement caused a whole movement of energy within me.  That Grasshopper knows which cords to pull and buttons to push.

Mrs. Yum stopped by this morning and brought us some food of the rolled-tortilla kind. This food made honor to her name: YUM! It was delicious. Diva and I will be forever grateful for her gesture!  The rest of the before noon hours were spent catching up with work and returning phone calls.  By the way, Ms CowGirl and I had a very looong conversation over the wire. She has decided to let Jezebel out of the box (don't worry - she won't be upset at her nickname, she dubbed herself Jezebel). I had not laughed that hard in a very long time. She has a way of telling stories that very few people have.  I'm not kidding you, I had watery drops falling out of my eyes out of laughter when I was talking to her. I was so happy to hear she is happy and excited about life. She truly has so much to give!

Today I saw Miss Yellow.  She quickly flew across the backyard like just trying to tell me she's still around, but busy and too hot to hang around for long.  I so appreciated seeing her!  Something made me think of late Ms Echo. Ms Echo was closely related to me and stepped into the non-physical a few years ago. I'm not sure that there has been one single day without me thinking about her, but now that I get what death is all about, I have a more better understanding of her energy and feel connected to the energy of who she was all the time. Well, today for some reason, her face and smile lingered in my mind all day long. So much so that even when I was at the trading post, distracted looking for my plastic inside my Washington-carrying portfolio, her face and smile appeared clearly in my mind. Funny enough, Mr. G, on our way back from the learning house, brought of the subject of her life and the fact that her communicating sound was almost identical as mine. There are no coincidences, right? Well, one thing leads to another, and in noticing that I had been thinking about her all day, someone else also came to mind, and that was The Voice. I have talked to you about him before. He was the founder of the Sunday Morning Call and a very important person in my life and on the lives of many who work with energy. He had an amazing communicating sound (hence his nickname), and left the physical while still very young in human age. His voice came loud and clear to me: "Hello Beautiful. Long time no see." That was it. Nothing else. But that was enough for me to feel again that feeling of completeness that only the Boys know how to convey. Knowing that the energy of who Ms Echo and The Voice were in the physical lingers in my vibration, gave me a sense of peace that I had not experienced before.

Back to the physical. Earth to Channel, Earth to Channel!  Mr. Studious came by today for our session. We had a lot of fun working with new and acquired concepts. He's quick to learn and we are both enjoying these sessions tremendously.

Curtain call! Eye curtain that is!!!  And just to say thank you for keeping me company in this adventure, here is a picture of Freckles:

Now the curtains are seriously falling. I can't tell which keys I am hitting with the terminal members of my hand. I think I better stop talking and go play in the non-physical.

Sweet dreams!  Remember, they DO come true!

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Monina said...

¡¡Qué hermoso conectarme al mundo "virtual" y leerte querido Canal!! Ciertamente me haces reír siempre, igual que el Sr. Grasshopper que me recuerda cómo debemos elegir vivir (claro que yo elijo el cuarto ordenado jeje)... Te quiero y amo esta novela que dejé abandonada unos días..