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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 87 - June 19, 2011

Could it be that technology is catching up with us too fast? hehehe  Well, if you had asked me that question last night I would've said yes.  Old Faithful was tired and probably upset for not having been given proper rest during the weekend and last night just froze all of her windows and refused to budge.  I took it as the universe telling me to go to bed really, but it's fun thinking about technology refusing to cooperate.

Oh!  Yesterday was an amazing day. One of those really and truly wonderful days.  It started off with our Sunday Morning Gang.  We had new people on the call and the questions were really amazing.  Wheneve I am channeling The Boys always speak about the love that they feel for us, well that love was truly felt during the call, and not only that, a couple of people mentioned that during the previous call they had felt was that love is all about. One amazing participant said something (I'm sorry but I can't remember details, you would have to ask The Boys directly) about having had an experience (after the call) of feeling how that love flooded him and then exploded in and out of his heart. It was a beautiful way of describing this love.  This made me feel so amazing because I personally have never found enough words to describe the amount and the intensity of the love that is being focused upon us at every second (don't raise your eyebrow! I'm not alone on this!) and hearing from some who actually felt what I feel every time that message is being transmitted was a milestone.

We also held our monthly get together with the local group. It was very well attended.  When I channel, the temperature of my body rises. Let me tell you, yesterday, the temperature in general was pretty high, add to that my channeling temperature and the amount of people in the room, it was like a sauna room!!!  But regardless of that, it was also an amazing gathering. We had a couple of new people come in and a lot of our old friends.  The questions were profound and incredibly fun.  I love how The Boys are always saying they are coming out to play and truly, they are having so much fun with our questions and our personalities. The feeling that I get from it is that they are truly going to the amusement park with us. Just plain fun!

After that Mrs. Yum, Diva and YoursTruly went out to enjoy some delicious nutrition of the rolled tortilla kind.  That was pretty much it.  I worked a little bit on Old Faithful until she refused to go any further and it was time to have a meeting with fluffy.

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