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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 90 - June 23, 2011

I started typing yesterday's post but Old Faithful decided she was not playing. It was taking so long that i just "folded" and dove into the nest.  I knew I had to come out of slumber earlier than usual today so I didn't think twice and gave Old Faithful her space. I took the opportunity to meditate before slipping into slumber. Hmmmm! What a delicious feeling that is!

How do you feel when someone tells you that he/she is happy? Wait, don't roll your eyes!  Let me tell you why I am asking. Patience, my dear friend, patience.  Today as I was in the company of a business relation, someone approached us and mentioned he was elated about something he had been able to finally achieve after what he described as a long time of struggling (hehe... you and I know that outside I said nothing, but inside I had to smile... that idea about struggling to achieve...). The person that I was exchanging words and ideas with smiled, but as the Achiever turned away, he made a not-so-friendly remark about the achievement to me.  This got me thinking (yep! sometimes I think!). I thought of how for many, when somebody else achieves something or receives something, they immediately feel devoid of the opportunity to achieve that  for themselves. Something along the lines of "if you have so much of this, it means there is less for me."  And these thoughts made me feel really good, because I have noticed how far I've come and how more and more I become aligned with the idea of an abundant universe. And by abundance I mean everything you can possibly imagine. Material and unmaterial. Before, when someone would say "I won this or that price" or "I made so much money," I couldn't help but feel the internal tug of comparing their abundance to my lack; and now, more and more, I find myself rejoicing at someone else's abundance and thinking: "it's amazing! There is so much abundance around us! There's plenty for all!"

Another thing that I absolutely adore is when I hear stories about people realizing what powerful creators they are. This happenned with Mrs. Convert the other day.  You must know that Mr. and Mrs. Convert are planning on leaving the urban community they have enjoyed for over 3 decades to settle in a rural community, surrounded by nature and with a much more human-friendly pace of life.  Of course, making such a huge change of life has gotten them both working the neurons and sometimes wondering if they are as powerful attractors as they think they are. Well, to make a long story short (or not!) Mrs. Convert shared with YoursTruly that notices of available sources of income are already coming her way, and she has not even moved her lovely self to the community we are talking about.  She was amazed at the power of thought and how the universe is constantly responding to our every thought.  I can't help but think: and the more you think this way, the more opportunities that will come your way!  You asked about Ms Echo, YES! You are on to something!

You are going to love this.... the Grasshopper strikes again! This morning, on our way to the learning house, we were talking about attracting the relationships you would like to experience.  A very worried Grasshopper asked if I thought his physical vessel was attractive, he was wondering as a certain someone who he has placed his eyes on did not seem to have fallen heads over heels for his undisputable gorgeousness. As I started to take the opportunity to lecture him just one more time, he turns around and says: "You know what? I think I'm not going to worry about what other people think. I think that if I want to attract a loving person, I need to learn to love myself first. And to do that, I need to love me just the way I am." This Channel again was at a loss for verbal expressions.  I love that innocent and clear understanding of how things work!  Wouldn't you say that he is truly in touch with his Inner Being when statemtents like this are expressed through his verbal abilities?

After that I travelled to a working assignment in a part of this metropolis that has always seemed confusing to me. Well, I am happy to report that the Boys came through once again.  As I was traveling in that direction, I requested their assistance in preventing me from completely misunderstanding my compass settings.  As I approached the area, I realized I had taken the wrong not-entrance and for a moment felt my heart race and my knees shake. I am geographically-challenged and did not have the slightest clue as to which way to turn.  I took a deep breath and said out loud "I will continue down this road and wait for further directions."  I have to  laugh, because in a matter of about 10 seconds I saw a sign with the name of the construction-of-the-tall-kind that I was going to and a big arrow showing the way. It was a temporary sign, hand-made and all, placed there because of a special event they had yesterday. As it turns out, I was not even close to the construction of the tall kind at all! So I got to my destination, introduced myself to the people I was going to labor with and had an amazing day. 

Not only was it a great day in what work is related, but guess what?  I even found my butterfly inside the construction of the tall kind!!  As some people were waiting in the room assigned for that purpose, I noted a person of very few years holding a clear jar and looking into it.  Of course, I am a curious person and I had to find out what was making him smile.  As I got closer I saw that he was holding this jar with a pink butterfly inside!  My heart was rejoiced when I saw it!  I thought of how many ways the Universe has to let us know it is talking to us!  The little person of very few years explained to me that his butterfly was a "pink morpho" (or something like that) and that they are very rare.  I did not pry on how he got it, but from the few words he uttered, I think that our gorgeous pink friend got stuck to his shirt when  they visited the local sanctuary.  At that moment I was even more amazed about how loudly the Universe is talking to me (yes, it's all about me!), because what are the chances of someone completely strange to me, walking out of a butterfly sanctuary with one of them stuck to his shirt without the vigilant eyes of the guardians noticing it? And not only that, what are the chances that he was there, with his progenitors, in the same building as me and that against his mother's advice, he decided to bring our winged friend along? Doesn't that just blow your mind?

The only thing that made me ask the Universe what kind of expansion I was to gain at that place, was the fact that I had to sit on one of the hardest sitting surfaces I have ever placed anatomy on for a very long time. It was so hard that crossing and uncrossing my extremities would provide immediate relief but it lasted all but 30 seconds. Other than that, I really enjoyed the day.

After the assignment I went to visit the Manager and the Sensible One who just today moved their belongings into their new dwelling. The Manager was a little overwhelmed. Oh! do I know a little about nomad life!  I brought her some fresh drinks and she took the opportunity to take a much deserved break. So we sat in front of the picture box and chatted for a little bit. After that, I hopped on the Red Bullet and rode home to see a very disappointed Diva. She had spent the day indoors and is no longer used to such a punishment, hehehe.  As I was approaching the landing strip at the Palace I saw Lord 1.  He came over to greet me. I am sooo lucky. So very lucky to have the Lords in my life!

I placed an order to get the Author's book!  I am so excited!  I want to give it as a gift to someone I know will really appreciate its contents.

Tomorrow, YoursTruly has an appointment to see the lock-dresser. I have not seen one of those for a very long time. I'll let you know how it goes.

Good night my dear friend. Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! The universe is always listening! By the way, your Grasshopper stories and your butterfly stories are my absolute favorite.

siempre viva said...

Answering your question: I feel very happy when someone else is happy!

I like the way your GHopper keeps trying his wings before flying, I guess he has someone by his side that gives him a wonderful example... I wonder who that may be...
Love the synchronicity or stream of many of them that you look for when you see one of your magical friends but, as someone else said I think you better just get used to it and just said "yes I know I am the center of the Universe" because you are...