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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 91 - June 24, 2011

I'm a different person today.  Yes I am.  Of course, The Boys would answer "you are a new person every second" but for the purposes of plain, physical perspective, I might as well say YoursTruly has experience a transformation. I went to visit the lock-dresser, one I had never encountered before but that was strongly recommended by the Manager, and told him "spice up the look" (as if this channel did not have enough spice already!). Well, he did and now I'm not sure how I feel about it.  It's just a matter of getting used to it. I'll report back to you in a few days.

Today was a busy day.  I openned the eye curtains, thought about meditating, cancel the thought and went right back into slumber. I was having an amazing dream of me flying when Diva reminded me it was time to stop flying around and get ready to transport her gorgeous human vessel to her place of gainful employment. That's when the day started and did not stop until super late.

Other than the change in the way my physical apparatus looks, there was nothing out of the ordinary. 
I did take a few minutes to walk to the back grounds and enjoy the company of our furry, feathered and other friends. Something must be said about being in touch with nature, don't you think?  Here's a picture of the magic pond, where my EIGHT enchanted princes live. 

Later in the day Mrs. Idem came by and we rode together to the HouseWhisperer's dwelling for a celebration for her cocreating with the SilentOne now for 7 trips around the solar star. It was an evening of great fun.  On the way to take Mrs. Idem to her castle, we spoke about energy, vibration and law of attraction.  I did not realize she didn't know of my channeling until today. So we spoke about that too!
Tomorrow will be an early start as Lord 1 will be showing up to fix our front (RED) door which is in need of some TLC.

Hopefully I will have more to report to you. 
Ta-da for now!


Monina said...

Qué linda fotoooooooooooooo. Y qué lindo tus días. Y qué bonito es leerte... y qué bien me hace leerte todos los días.

Un abrazoteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enooorme enorme enorme... Quiero sapitos como esos. Y quiero un corte de pelo como el tuyo...

siempre viva said...

Is always refreshing when you get a "new look" it kind of feels like a new "you" isn't it? do no get used to it, keep enjoying it! if it's your new picture on your fb profile looks great!