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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 15 – April 4, 2011

Amazing how times flies! We are already on day 15!!! Today I am writing early because my day is about to get really busy.

This morning was a joy with Mr. Grasshopper. Everything went smoothly until Grinch came by to take him to school and announced a change of plans for this evening. Grasshopper did not appreciate having to spend the night in the suburbs tonight. I know that once he's there he will have a good time. It's just coming into alignment with the idea of it! The good thing is that I get to keep Freckles a few more days! Yee-haw!!!

Well, yesterday I reported to you that I had some contrast with the washing machine. I thought that was uncomfortable but bearable. Well, the Universe, who absolutely adores me, had something bigger and better in mind for me. There's no doubt in my mind that the Universe is about to bring me some huge and wonderful manifestation because today I have encountered the type of contrast that makes everything else look small and insignificant. I won't go into detail, but believe me when I say that there is absolutely nothing I can do about this contrast and it's going to take all the forces of the Universe to ease me out of this one! I have discovered that the more "attuned" I am with my Inner Being, the more I dance with Spirit and the forces of the Universe, the bigger, stronger and scarier the contrast becomes, but the faster and smoother it goes away. What's funny is that somehow, even though this one is a biggie, I feel strangely calm and collected. Had this happened before I started channeling, I would have been crying by now and would've probably called all my friends and relatives in search of answers or suggestions. This time I've only spoken to the Manager, who completely refused to go upstream with me, so I was left alone with my own thoughts. I had two choices: I could focus on the problem and try to somehow find a solution (not really an option this time), or I could get out of the way. Being that there is nothing I can do about it, I decided to let the Universe take care of it and I'm going to get out of the way. So to let my vibration flow, I decided to go get some ice-cream. Nothing better to float my boat.

Oh, in answer to your question about how I let the manifestation of the house happen. Well, I thought about it. I did not add much detail because thinking about what I wanted and knowing what was available within my means, was making me very anxious. So I just turned the other cheek and went about my life focusing on the things that I loved and enjoyed. I literally put the issue aside while I got busy living. I hope this answered your question, if not, feel free to ask more!!! By the way, I absolutely LOVE reading your comments! All of them!! You are all so wonderful and every time I find a comment I feel like if you are walking right next to me along this path, which makes it even more enjoyable. For those of you who have not seen the comments yet, at the bottom of each post there is link to the comments. Feel free to read and to comment at will!

This morning my plans have changed many times. First I was supposed to visit Ms Tiny. We were scheduled to have a conversation with the Shaman, but something unexpected happened and she had to cancel. Then I was supposed to visit Lady Greenthumb, but then the WasherDoc called that he could make it earlier to come diagnose the ailing machine, so I decided to stay put and wait. After a hefty check, my washer has been restored to health and now we will all enjoy the feeling of clean, fresh clothes and towels!! Yippee! Amazing how much I am appreciating being able to do laundry (imagine that!).

All of this; all this contrast is telling me that the relief is going to be tremendous, and I'm really looking forward to it. I feel the chills running up and down my legs. I know The Boys are having a blast with this. It feels uncomfortable to me at this moment, but I know that the Universe will bring the answer in ways that I cannot even imagine. I'll just wait and see. Will keep you posted on this.

On another note… Merlin had shared with me an exercise that he does as a tool to get closer to the manifestation of his desires and wanted to know if The Boys had any comments about it. Did they! I sat down in meditation and then let them come through. As I did that, I did the exercise. The response from The Boys was so strong and uplifting that it told me that this exercise was inspired by Source. The next morning, during the Sunday Morning Call with GorgeousDownUnder, The Boys shared the exercise with the group. Today is Monday and I have already received 3 emails from people saying how much they loved the exercise. So I was wondering if you would like for me to share it with you. Come on, you have nothing to lose! Ready or not, here it comes.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a cloud at the top of the page. There, inside the cloud, you will write what your desire is. Then… on the bottom of the page, draw the ground and write who or what will be the recipient of that desire. For instance, you can write "romance" on the cloud and then write your name on the ground. Then, instead of rain you will write the affirmations that will bring that desire into manifestation (i.e. "I am open to romance" "I am a magnet for love" "I am coming to alignment with my idea of the perfect partner" "The universe is listening to me all the time", etc.). As I am typing this I am thinking what would I write as my rain if I wrote "Romance" as my desire, and I think my rain would be a shower of HIM, HIM, HIM. Lol. Try it out and then let us know how it worked for you.

The Enlightened One has been busy at work! We is helping me set up a page for my book in English (The Universe at Your Feet) and one also for the Spanish book (El Universo a Tus Pies). He is such a wealth of information. I am so fortunate to have him around. You know something? We have never met in the physical, but we relate to each other like brother and sister (him being my much younger brother, of course!). There was a time when we were working together on a project and we spoke on the phone all the time. We became very close and stay close even though sometimes we may not speak for weeks at a time.

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! I had to interrupt my story to tell you this!!!! I just spoke to the Member of the Chamber! (By the way, his name will change later) THE HOUSE IS MINE!!!! Aren't you excited? I am jumping out of my skin with excitement!!!! I am so happy. Everything is falling into place. And not only it is mine, but they are letting me lease it at a lower rent price. Isn't that amazing? This is just another confirmation that the Universe is watching, it is listening to our every dream and desire! I am sooooo grateful!!!!! I must go for another ice-cream!

Yesterday I heard from the Irish Intuitive. Our Journal is so beautiful! She sent me a proof (not sure that's how you call it), and it is just beautiful! I just know that so many people are going to benefit from using it!!! FABULOUS!!!! Wait till you see it. You're going to love it. I'm not kidding you!

I'm so happy and I love talking to you! I never thought writing a blog would be so much fun. It's easier than writing on my journal because I know that I am actually talking to someone. In this case, to a lot of people! Today I looked and realized that this blog is being followed by people in very remote and faraway places (as well as very close by!). So to you, to each one of you, thank you for listening.

See you tomorrow! J


Masarie said...

Thank you = After some interesting contrast in my own day I am feeling better. I am going to go do some laundry and then meditate.

judy said...

Before I read your blog today, I had just finished my homework from TE. After 3 days of homework on my particular contrast, I felt such gratitude that I had the contrast because I have experienced glimpses of the freedom I have always dreamed of but could not fully imagine. I don't have a clue what's in store but I do know it's incredible beyond anything I've ever known. Did I mention I am grateful? And, I'm still in the contrast! But not for long. Whoa!

circe said...

(again speechless!!!)...
Ok, too funny and interesting text for not saying a word, I'm far beyond "eager" (entusiasmado? jajaja)!!!
I loved the nickname!!! it suits, doesn't it? hahaha.
Loved the process hahaha ;)I'll tell you more when I've got some more practice with it, I like to explore and discover the own energy of every thing as it unfolds for me to be deligthed in the process.
Yes yes yes and more yes, fully answered!!! Thank you very much!!! You confirmed what I've been noticing: when I say: "Just imagine how good it be x", and then I just forget about it and go through my day appreciating, being grateful, smiling and laughing, finding a better feeling thought, etc...It (I mean x) just shows up!!! Every single time!!! (However, when I try to focus, with love and joy about the subject, I've not had the same results). So the key, for me!!, seems to be to ask it to the Universe and forget about it, trusting that "Life" will bring it.

Liz Ortiz-Mackes said...

Love getting to know you through this intimate platform. I can relate on so many levels especially how one lives life and also channels. Ay Dios Mio! to say the least. Congratulations on the house, and schedule permitting I look forward to joining you & "the boys" on one of your special calls.
Love you- Elizabeth

Monina said...

Te leo -no sé cómo te entiendo pero te entiendo- y me emociono... es que tú me emocionas siempre. Y además porque como las casualidades no existen las cosas que cuentas son una respuesta a mis preguntas...
Me alegra estar encontrándote por todos lados sin proponérmelo y que siempre me digas de muchas maneras lo mismo: sé feliz y no te preocupes.
Te amísimo.
PD: Y hay algo que si no entiendo ¿quién es el saltamontes???

shawn said...

Congratulations on getting the house you wanted! Yay! fun fun, what a wonderful feeling! :o) I can't wait to read your book, I love everything about you and what you do. Thank you!

Laura said...

Wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You know what I love about this? the co-creation! the sharing of energy... the alignment that happens when I read you and the super alignment that I feel when I see myself living many of the same things, different stories, different faces, but same amazing emotions, thank you for the expansion that you cause-us-to-cause.

Laura said...

BTW thanks for the exercise "rain of light" too bad I missed the call and
I will probably have to miss again this Sunday, but I have a very "handsome" reason... ;))) him? IDK but a very close version of him Yes!!!!

Patricia Designs said...

Thanks for sharing another great day in your life my sweet author. Love your sense of humour, love your spirit, love your poetic license in naming the unmentionables: the Manager, Grasshopper, Miss Tiny, lady Greenthumb... keeps me wanting to read more about them.

One thing I understood today, when my washer or my PC or my MP3 are not working I never called that incident contrast, which is interesting! I assumed the Universe was telling me to leave those things as I must place my attention somewhere else…Got it!
I really believe if you live in my neighbourhood we would be as my "Manager" would say: BFF (best friends forever).

P.S. You forgot the FLOWERS in the drawings.