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Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 18 – April 7, 2011

I have always liked the late hours of the evening. For some reason, it seems to be during those hours that I get my rush of energy and inspiration. Last night was one of those. We came back late from Mr. Grasshopper's interview and it was at that time that I sat down to talk to you. After that, I decided to "take a look" at my materials for the class today and, being the perfectionist that I am in what's related to my classes, I decided the materials were inadequate and started working on them. To make a long story short, Yours Truly went to bed at 3 am, eagerly awaiting the sound of the alarm clock at 6 am. NOT! (you know the story between me and my alarm clock. Not much love there.).
Amazingly enough, I did get a chance to put in 15 minutes of meditation and made sure that Mr. G and I had breakfast and left the house on time. This morning again the ride with him was insightful. He said something pretty deep to me. We were talking about positive thinking, even when you don't like the person or the circumstances, and he said: "Some people think that if you look for the positive in everybody, you are weak. And they think that because they don't know that the more you love, the stronger you become." Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for Mr. Grasshopper!
Class today was wonderful. As always. I looove my students. This group is very, very nice. By the time I got home I was tired, but very happy. I helped the Grasshopper with some homework, then I cooked a delicious and very simple dinner, and then I started working on the materials for the last day of this training course.
Today I started focusing on the negative. I started feeling the "lack" of things. It all started because somebody asked me something about my schedule and I realized I did not have any work days scheduled for… for… ever? I suddenly felt like if someone had pulled the rug from under my feet. But why now? It has been like this for a few months. There are weeks when I have plenty of work and weeks when I have none. Well, for a moment there I felt vulnerable. I forgot my god-self and focused on the reality of "what is." I even questioned how come I am a channel for this amazing energy and this beautiful message, and I still have to struggle. Wasn't I supposed to be chilling by now? I forgot that the Universe IS at my feet and that all I have to do is give it full control while I get good at having fun. I still think that I (the physical, mental me) am the doer when in fact all I do is delay the response from the Universe. All in all I have come a looooooong way from where I was when I started with this channeling deal. I can declare, right here and right now, that I am a much relaxed and happier person thanks to this spiritual transformation. But, like The Boys love saying, we are all a work in progress. We are always growing and expanding, so I too go through my not-so-comfy contrasts that make shake. But after all of this I realize that I HAVE BEEN chilling all this time; that I have been enjoying and growing all this time. It is only that today, for a moment, I chose to focus on "lack." Oh, how powerful thoughts are. I'm not kidding you. Today in a matter of minutes, I went from joy and appreciation to having almost palpitations of how dark the future felt all of a sudden.
The good thing is that by now I am used to keep an eye on my emotions and the minute I realized I was sliding down the path of self-pity and worry, I took a deep breath and literally looked for something that felt better. So what did I do? I politely left the group I was conversing with and focus on another group that was holding what seemed to be a much lighter conversation. At least much lighter for me! I realized that by answering more questions and getting deeper into the subject, I was just going to go further down the spiral. No need for that. Better stay happy. I am very happy to report that I feel completely renewed now. I took just a few minutes to meditate while the bird was in the cooking box and like magic, it brought my vibration back up. I tell you! It's better than anything you may have tried. I don't think I've said it enough: meditation is the key to happiness. Period.
My butterfly showed up bright and early this morning as I was walking towards the building where I am teaching. It was of a yellowish-green color. Bright and happy. It just fluttered around me, flaunting her beauty, and then took off to brighten somebody else's day.
Well friend. Thank you again for staying with me. I read all of your messages. I enjoy and appreciate them tremendously.
It is exciting to think that you are reading these words in many different countries all around the world. Big cities, small towns. At home or at work. Thank you for giving me some of your time!
Sweet dreams! Ta-da for now!
PS I came back to edit the font color on this. Just for you my dear friend!


Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel,
Gracias, gracias, gracias for today's blog.

What a day you had! You are a source of inspiration I would like to imitate you in living with joy & appreciation...I remembered I used to be like you when I was young and somehow I turned a bit darker lately. Reading your blog helps me to reflect on my personal way of how I do carry myself these days. I am really inspired to change.

OMG! What a blow not knowing is you are going to have steady employment, we are all humans and it is easy to focus on "LACK" and get depressed.

I am surprised that you call the collective THE BOYS, which is how you feel them. I guess in the spirit realm there is no gender however I always imagining them to be a group of souls mainly women observing us, willing to help us and trying to wake us of this nightmare and belief systems that we have created due to religion, tradition, culture, fear and control.

There is one thing I still don't understand, I get that we are growing however EXPANDING? Expanding to where? How are we expanding?

It is amazing how our bodies really look after us. I identified with you when I have a presentation it has to be perfect, and I put all my efforts, sacrificing hours of rest. I bet with only 3 hours sleep you did a great job.

Finally, it takes a lot of courage to open up yourself to us and I really admire you!

Ana Paula said...

I am so proud of Mr. Grasshopper! He has his feet firmly on the ground!

circe said...

Loved this post!!!
Mr.G is a genius!!! I needed his comment, it was just what I needed to enlighten myself a little bit more!
Thank you for describing your "pivoting from neg to pos" experience, this kind of situation happens to me quite more frequently than I would like to admit hahaha!!! I'm glad that I know how to handle them now!!!
About butterflies: I've got mine too. I go to walk (almost hahaha) every day(hahaha now you can break you from laughter) when I walk my thoughts deliberately are: "I love..." "There are abundance of variety of plants and abundance of greats amounts of plants of every class" reward: a white little butterfly...and the dogs silent and away!! Thank you!!!
I have lots of memories of the day at school!!! (My meditation time was full of memories...I was definetly not quieting my mind at all, but that was much better!!!). I was in the Vortex all day!!!

siempre viva said...

What a wonderful post! and I am feeling the pride of the mom-in-you listening to those wise words from Mr. G... isn't it neat when they show you that "they know"?
I was just smiling because of the having an experience that makes you just practice to do what you know in case of a "moment-dissociation" and the wonderful example that you give us with your change of focus! I had the same experience this last week, I am just reading this now, and we just talked about it in our Sunday call! are we connected or what?!!! Love you channel!