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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 17 – April 6, 2011

Hello my dear, super dear friend! Aaaaahhhhhh! Life is good. I have had one of the most exhausting, but also rewarding, days in the last few weeks.

This morning I did not meditate at 3 am, but I did so at 5 am (I believe the non-physical is ok with the time change..). Mr. Grasshopper and I left the Palace with plenty of time to stop for a coffee concoction. Yummy! We talked a lot about how much we have enjoyed living in this Palace. We spoke about the things we have learned and lived during the past 2 + years and discovered that we have grown tremendously since we moved here! We love this place. It provided us with a very harmonious environment to live in. Many private and group sessions with The Boys have taken place here. A lot of magic has transpired here!

Something was brought up to my attention today. And it was something really important. When my washer decided to take a break, I called it a contrast, and you, dear Reader, called it an opportunity to take a break and do something else. You know what? I like your perception much more than I like mine! I think I will adopt it. You also mention that I forgot the flowers in our exercise (have you tried it?). Here it goes… the cloud is your desire, the ground is where or who it will happen to, the rain are the affirmations and the flowers are the things in your life that are already signs that your desire is on its way to you. Thank you for the reminder!

After dropping Mr. Grasshopper off this morning I came back and worked on my presentations. Again, super distracted, thinking about a thousand things at the same time. I put in a couple of laundry loads in the meantime. Then I got an unexpected visit from LadyLust. We hadn't had an opportunity to talk in a long time and she actually stayed for a few minutes (she's always running somewhere). It was nice to catch up with her. Then it was time to go with Diva and eye some new wheels for her. Now THAT was fun!

After that, I took a couple of my students to visit a big hospital. Now, was that a trip! I was not prepared for the tour and walked like 5 miles on high heels! LOL!!! I must say I was very impressed by the tour of the facilities. It is an amazing center. But the spiritual side of me couldn't stop thinking about disease in the bigger scope of things. The Law of Attraction is amazing, the bigger you build the building, the more patients that get sick (if you build it they will come! Hehe). It never fails. You bring the attention of people to the causes of disease and more and more people get sick! Now, I have nothing against technology and the advancement of science. I believe it is another sign that we are always evolving, but it really just baffles me when I realize that the bigger the hospital, the more sick people there will be. But that's just me! I work very closely with that field and I am fascinated by science. But ever since I started channeling I have been able to go beyond the point where science stops and scientists scratch their heads. Of course, the few that I have spoken to about my beliefs think I'm on some interesting drugs. If they only knew!

After my 5 high-heel-miles, I drove to the other side of town for a meeting at Mr. G-Hopper's new school (for the fall). It was registration night and the process took a good 3 hours. We got back home just a few minutes before I started writing this blog. I can tell you this: my back hurts from walking with high heels and from driving for 40 minutes each way, my feet are throbbing from the high heels, but my heart is singing loud and clear. All in all, this has been a beautiful day.

Ms Butterfly showed up on my windshield today. As I got on the car to drive somewhere (I can't remember, for the life of me), I turned on the radio (Elton singing "Monkey Suit") and as I looked up, Ms Butterfly of the Day was standing right there, wings spread and all, kind of looking at me and wondering how she got on the glass! She was a monarch again. Gorgeous creature!

Very well, my word count is telling me to cut it short, so I'm going to leave you for now. I hope you are smiling. I sure AM!


circe said...

Fascinating day indeed!!!
I also notice that my body and needs are demanding a meditation schedule changing. Till now it was first thing in the morning after breakfast, now it's more at 11h.
Flowers...I knew it was something I didn't catch!!! Thank you!!! yes I've been working with it. For me it's been like the magical box of creation exercice (you put what you want in there and trust the Universe will deliver it to you)...for me it's been quite a relief. Furthermore, I checked it as soon as I began to have some "not so bright" thoughts...and the paper reminded me of what I'm about to live, so I trusted again.
Very interesenting that insight about buildings and their purposes!!!mmmmmm
It's funny you visited Mr.Grasshopper's new (so wednesday) I visited my "old" (of course) school!!! There are some changes about to happen next year and I wanted to live the experience before them. I met many of all my teachers (from primary to before University- yes, my school does all the years from primary to secondary or high school). I'ts been very heart-opening!!! I was in bliss all day!!! Even I had a hard time going to sleep out of my euphoria!!!

circe said...

Ah!!! And I loooove the Monkey Suit song!!!