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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 16 – April 5, 2011

I almost didn't make it! But I'm here. I sense this posting will not be long, but who knows? I've sensed many others were going to be short and they turned out to be pretty darn long. Bear with me.

How are you? I hope your day was fantabulous, just like mine. To begin, Mr. Grasshopper was not with me, he was with Mr. Grinch this morning and I didn't have to show up anywhere, so I got to sleep until my pretty eyes decided they had had enough! Isn't that a luxury? One I don't get to enjoy often, but that I absolutely adore! I love sleeping late. I just looove it!. I can stay up pretty late at night, but love waking up late as well. A friend told me it was a sign of immaturity, I guess she was right! I choose to be super immature.

This is how my day went: woke up at 3:00 am for my early morning meditation. By the way, let me assure you, I don't set the alarm for this, I just suddenly wake up (wide awake), look at the time, and invariably it is between 2:45 and 3:30 am. Hehehe. So I did my meditation. Today it was sweet. I don't know how to explain it. I could sense The Boys kind of holding me in a very sweet way. Lovely, just amazingly lovely. Then I went back to sleep and woke up, like I said, when my eyes opened naturally. I was disappointed to see it wasn't as late as I would've liked it to be, but I felt just fine. I did another 5-10 min. of meditation and came to say hello to Old Faithful. I noticed there was an avalanche of emails that had come in through the night. Exciting! Well, no. Most of them came from companies trying to get me to buy something from them. Cyber junk mail. Then I worked for a long time on different projects. My ADD was at its finest, so I had a hard time focusing on single things to work on.

After a while Diva called. She needed me to bring some papers to her. As I was driving over there, the Author called me with some great news about her book. She's a pretty good Astrologer and she explained to me that Mercury is in retrograde and that is why things seem kind of sluggish. I think Mercury is on to something. It's been following me very closely lately! I just can't find the energy to do everything I want to do!!!! OK Boys, OK. I know, I just need to get in the "zone"! The good news is that by the time I move, Mercury will no longer be in retrograde. Alleluia!

After that it was lunch with the Canadian Brain. We had a great time and she provided me with a lot of information for my upcoming class. She's a good friend, and a very smart one!

My butterfly came by today with all of her friends. When I came back from lunch I sat outside to meditate under the sun and a flurry of butterflies danced all around me. They were yellow and light green. Beautiful! They always make me smile!

When I picked up Grasshopper from school I got great news. Freckles is moving in with us! Hum. I'm not sure that Tripod is appreciative of this, but he'll get used to it. Freckles is just too big for his comfort! I then picked up Mrs. Yum from work, she was not very happy. She had just realized that the Pea (the focus of her romantic interest) is focused somewhere else. It is all growth. I know someone better is flowing her way. It always works that way. When who you want is not interested, it is because there is somebody better for you and he's approaching fast! I have the feeling she will soon be telling us another love story. I definitely hope I will be doing the same!

Tomorrow I will spend the day preparing for class (at least that's my intention) and then a meeting in the evening at Mr. Grasshopper's new school. Oh, by the way. I have to tell you this. Mr. Grasshopper is convinced that this blog will turn into a movie, and he's already chosen the car he will be driving in it!!! LOL I've enjoyed listening to him like you have no idea! Do you remember when you used to allow yourself to dream like that? Now I make it a point to do it. Like today, when Grasshopper mentioned about his car in the movie, I totally went down that pathway with him. We laughed so much! That absolutely brought my resistance to ground level! Another wonderful excuse to lift my vibration. Another amazing opportunity to be happy and in the now.

After that it was a meeting with the professional association. Good attendance and a nice group of people. Now I am tired. Very!


circe said...

Ah!!! The good taste of "day-to-day"!!! It's amazing how good it feels!!!
Yes, laughter is wonderful!!!
My apologies, Mercury (and Athena) has (have) been helping me and we needed some time, so we spoke to Saturn and we decided to retrograde a little bit...thank you all for being soo comprehensive!!!

Laura said...

I love you too, circe! Nice to have you around!

Patricia Designs said...

OMG, you wake up at 3 a.m. to meditate! I wake up to tell my Manager to go to bed as she is chatting away with friends. Then I go back to sleep and awake at 5:15am. to get ready for work. I think I will follow your example and meditate twice in the am.

Life is good, your blog is good and you are so sweet.

circe said...

Gracias Laura!!! A mi también me encanta ver que ciertas personas coincidimos en los mismos lugares jajajaja!!!