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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 19 – April 8, 2011

I like Fridays. They are full of promise. The promise that this Friday has made to me is that I WILL get a lot of packing done this weekend. I'm actually excited about it! I am following the advice of many well-intentioned friends and looking at this as a fun thing to do. My course had my thoughts and energy occupied, and now that we are finished with the class, I can focus more on my next most important task at hand. Oh, how beautiful! Just another example of how time passes and our perception of it. I used to be able to take on many important tasks at the same time, and now I just seem to be able to focus on no more than a couple of tasks at a time. It's OK. I'm not complaining. I like this! I always wanted to have the ability to focus on something until I finished it before moving on to the next. But I'm sure that before manifesting in this physical life I had the intention of enjoying the ride to the fullest, and that meant having my plate full… of opportunities to enjoy!!! Hehe
This morning was a blur with the Grasshopper. Neither one of us was alert enough to get the other one in gear. He barely made it to school. Actually, he may have gotten a "you are late" card today. I continued my drive with Carol and James, the three of us sang "You've got a Friend" together. Oh, Baby! We sounded good!
Today was the completion of the course I was teaching. There's great joy in seeing your students feel like they are walking away with a treasure of knowledge in their hands. This time they did and of course, I walked away with a feeling of fulfillment. I got home feeling numb. Last night again, I stayed up super late reviewing my materials. Last night as I was feeling very proud of myself because I knew I was going to finish reviewing my materials for class at a decent time, Mr. Grasshopper approached me with a monumental request. He needed help in organizing his project. This is no ordinary project. He had been researching and collecting information on it for months and now it was time to put it together. What he conveniently forgot to report was that he knew all week that he needed to bring it to school today (got to love that Grasshopper!). Anyway, I did help him out and then finished reviewing my work, which made it for another very late night; so by the time I made it to the Palace today, I was in no shape or form to hold a conversation or make any decisions. So I did what I know, I sat outside and meditated for a good 20 minutes. Freckles and Tripod settled down right next to me on the grass and meditated along! Then I went inside and literally crashed on my nest. Oh, that nap felt GOOD! It was a 3 hour nap, you must know. I woke up refreshed and renewed. Tripod and Freckles took that opportunity to catch a few z's with me too.
Diva came back home with delicious leftovers for me, so that made my evening even better! There's no doubt, the Universe absolutely adores me! I was hungry but did not want to cook and did not want to order in. So the Universe said to me: we are at Your Feet!
Oh! I almost forgot! Thank you for your comments (feel free to read all the comments at the bottom of each post). In answer to your question about expansion…. remember that time and space are only perceptions that we come here to enjoy!!! As we grow, we also expand! That's a great question.
Tomorrow we are having our monthly meetup! YAY!!! This one will be the last group session at this Palace, so it should be fun. I am really looking forward to it. Remember, SER call on Sunday! Hope to hear you there! lol
Well my friend. Today you may notice that my writing is choppier than other days. I guess my brain is still a little foggy. I hope you are smiling. Talk to you tomorrow?

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