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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 27 – April 16, 2011

What a nice day this has been! I have a huge smile on my face J can you see it? Hehehe

It all started when….. well, I got up really early thanks to Freckles who needed to be let outside. So I took that opportunity and sat down to meditate. I tell you, that was NICE. I was all by myself in the palace and there was this quiet and serene atmosphere all around, when the world has not finished waking up yet. I could hear the birds starting to sing. It was beautiful. Then I went to class with the Book Dealer. Such an interesting class! The classmates are a joy and I learned a lot of new things today. After that I came back to the palace and got to work. Doing what? You may wonder. Well, doing what I've been doing a lot of lately… packing! I'm definitely slow. I get distracted so easily! I was laughing at myself thinking if someone was watching me they would think I was a 2 year-old in the body of a, of a, of a pretty old, scratch that, an interesting mature woman! Yikes!

Anyway, LadyLust stopped by to pick up some stuff for the Ambassador. She stayed all of 3 minutes. Then I continued my packing and decided I would treat myself to some raw fish. Yum! Then Mrs. Yum came over with the Lizard and Mr. Grasshopper made his appearance. We had such a good time. While Mrs. Yum and I packed some more, the yard creatures kicked the ball in the backyard. Mrs. Yum and Yours Truly had a great time talking. She had been having some trouble registering for something on the cyberspace. So I used my "magic" to help her out and we got that done as well. Ah! The feeling of accomplishment is priceless! She is still in awe of this, as she had been trying to get this done for 2 weeks now. She kept insisting "You had the Boys in your eyes!" As we were having a delicious oven-baked sandwich we started on the conversation of friendship and the conversation led us to talk about people that are unhappy. Why is it, she said, that some people seem to have it all but are still unhappy? Talking specifically about someone who is always trying to fix something about her physique. I truly believe what The Boys say about happiness. Happiness is a decision that we make at every moment of our lives, not something that happens to us. And so, if we are expecting happiness to come from others or from the circumstances that surround us, we end up being disappointed and then nothing fulfills us. So you may have all the material wealth, but if you don't love yourself and if you don't appreciate everything that you already have, you are eternally looking for things to fix. About yourself and about others. Then we got on the conversation of somebody else who is always pointing out the mistakes or "defects" in others. This particular person is very unhappy as well. And we happily decided that she's probably in the same boat, that her life experience has not brought her yet to the point of understanding that she is amazing and that everyone is amazing in their own reality. We looked at each other, laughed and thanked the universe for what we do have. Ah! Life is amazing!

Earlier in the day I got a call from the Manager. They were at Gambletown and had lost one of their friends. Everybody was worried as she was not answering her device. Something inside of me told me things were OK. And they were. She showed up an hour later with a big smile on her face. Everybody was happy. That got me thinking how amazing it is when you develop your relationship with your BigYou, your Inner Self. There is always that "voice" that guides you and lets you know that the Universe is in perfect harmony and that everything is OK. Ah! The advantages of going with your flow!

The Manager and Diva are back tonight. I was supposed to pick them up but the Sensible One stepped up to the plate. He's a godsend! I was really dreading the long drive! See how the Universe adores me? I am so lucky!

Lizard is spending the night with us. He is such a joy to have around. Those two creatures thought they were getting away from taking a shower tonight. Not after sweating like they did! Yuk!

Look at that! We are 27 days into this adventure! Wow!

Tomorrow is our fabulous Sunday Morning Call! Check us out:

Well, that's all this Channel has to report for today! See you tomorrow!


circe said...

yes we did saw the smile!!! hahaha ;).
The meditation moment was very beautiful, indeed. My heart resonated a lot with the emotion you are transcribing through your words, thank you. (I have a, it's a bit "funny" to meditate, or better said, trying to meditate, hahaha).
Of course I loved the happiness conversation. (Aaaah, thank you for making me identify that this gorgeous feeling of savouring and basking, even if it's a quite usual feeling to me, is a sign that my inner being is joining me in that, no need for great feelings of connections, just the delightful moment of savouring a delicious food is enough, I mean, is that they are (with) me!!! Thank you for that too).

Patricia Designs said...

Pretty soon packing will be over and you will have to unpack. Moving to a new place is a fantastic feeling.
thank you for sharing.