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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 30 – April 19, 2011

My palace smells like moving. That's right. The cardboard has a certain smell to it, and when you have a house full of boxes, the whole house smells like moving. Hehehe
Today was a productive day. I got up at 3 am for my awesome meditation, went back to sleep and then argued with the alarm clock when it was time to get up again and start the day. Luckily, I did not have to work today so I didn't have to go through the process of figuring out what to wear (another half hour). My morning ride with Mr. Grasshopper was again all smiles. I just love being in Mr. Grasshopper LAMA's company (wink, wink) ;-) sometimes. He is excited about the end of the school year and the possibilities that lie ahead for him. This has been a year of tremendous growth for him. I can't begin to tell you how proud we are of him. He is an awesome young man. This morning he graced me with a conversation about "what ifs." Oh, we had so much fun talking about so many things. The possibilities are endless when you play "what if." And to think that as you are doing that you are actually creating!! Yeehaw for "what if's"! I am happy to report that he made it to school on perfect time. J
After that and after taking Diva to her place of employment I came back to the palace and started packing. I thought to myself "I have all day. I will make a huge dent on this packing job." Well, I had forgotten I had a 2 hour phone meeting which produced another hour and a half worth of work! When I got back home and checked Old Faithful, a big REMINDER came up on the screen. I almost fell off my chair! I had completely forgotten about it! You got to laugh at that! Still, I was able to pack quite a bit and I'm pretty happy with my progress. Thursday will be a big day, as Diva and I will spend the whole day tackling the parking room. Ouch! Just thinking about it makes me cringe.
Spoke to the Manager several times today. She is looking for more proposal recipients. I truly do believe that the right one will fall on our lap, the only question would be "when?" but the more I ask it the further away it moves, so, scratch that, pretend I never said it!
LadyLust was also very present today. She's so funny! She needed to write up something about herself, so instead of writing it, she sends me this electronic communication with the questions that needed to be answered and a brief "Please answer these questions for me." Nothing wrong with that, except they were asking how she felt about certain things that I have no idea about and also what it takes to do what she does, which I had no idea about either! We laughed so much when I thanked her for her vote of confidence but decided it wouldn't be good for me to just come up with whatever information I wanted to make up. She is all excited because she's flying to Quake Central! Ah! The familiar sights, the people you love! The food! Mmmm! I wish I could fit in her suitcase!
Later in the evening I attended a talk on a very interesting subject. Came back home, fell asleep in front of the tube and woke up saying "I need to write" hehehe. So here I am.
Whiskers spent the whole day laying out on the fresh grass and catching a few rays. He didn't leave his spot on my front lawn. It must have felt really good because he seemed very content. I saw him there mid morning and then again later when I left for my class. He looked happy. There were quite a few feathers laying in the middle of the street, so I wonder if he didn't have a huge meal. I can't imagine the neighbor being happy at him. She loves birds. She has all sorts of bird baths and feeders.
Today I didn't see my butterfly, but I saw a magnificent hawk. He took off from a tree around here and spread out his humongous and impressive wings. Such a powerful creature! What a sight! He flew around and then came down close to where I was. For a split second our eyes met and I saw the power of source in them. I felt a quick chill all over. It is the same feeling that I get when Tripod or Freckles look at me in the eye. They are truly connected to who they are, to the source.
Well, I think that's all I have to report for now. Not much, I know, but the best is yet to come! Stick with me. Things can only get better.
Until soon!
Did you see that? We completed another 10 days! Woo hoo!


Monina said...

Me alegra saber que avanzas en la mudanza... me alegran estos otros 10 días, me alegra que el señor saltamontes juegue al "what if"... pero me ha encantado esta frase: "las cosas sólo pueden ponerse mejor"... Y así es...
Y también me alegra entenderte sin necesidad de diccionario alguno (¿?): no tengo explicación para ello: me pasa...
Te leo más tarde.... espero.
Millones de besos...

PD: escribir en inglés no me sale tan fácil como entenderte... ¡¡BUEN DÍA PARA TODO EL DÍA!!!
Aquí recién se ha iniciado el día

circe said...

yeeesss!!! 10 more!!!
I loved the hawke episode!! (now you've reached the next level, eh?)
Thank you for reminding me about the "what if" game!!! I want to practice it a bit these days!!! Thank you!!!

siempre viva said...

I really like your relationship with Mr. Grasshopper! I know that for a m-o-m this is one of the most precious gifts, laughing and enjoying with your kids, I feel your pride and love for all of them. I like knowing that they are open to who you are and what you have to share... neat!
Now hawks, those are my special friends too!!! Love, love, love them they are very meaningful to me... I have amazing stories with them!
I agree about the smells... and I am happy for the smell of "new" that is awaiting for you!!!