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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 29 – April 18, 2011

I am convinced that pets do come to balance the vibration of the earth. You just need to observe them for a little bit and see how much in alignment they are. They are AMAZING! Tonight I spent about 30 minutes watching Tripod and Freckles and they were both so content and happy. Every time they heard my voice, they wagged their tails. When I came back from work they were so excited to see me, but I know that when I'm gone they are living the moment; the now. They are not wondering how much longer until I get home. But when they do see me, they realize how much they love me. Isn't that amazing? What a great place to be at!
Last night I received a call from the Author. She was smoking the last of the cigarettes and wanted to share them with me, so we had a really nice chat. Until the pizza man came knocking on my door. We laughed so much. I could see her sitting on her beautiful patio puffing away while reminiscing of old times. I could almost see MightyTaco seating on her lap, enjoying both her company and the smoke of her cigarette, and Arm Candy glancing out the window away from his favorite show every now and then to make sure she's ok.
This morning with Mr. Grasshopper was again very insightful. In his own innocent way, he spoke to me about how you can help others by raising your own vibration. "So if I feel good, is that enough to make others feel good?" he asked.I was about to explain to him how it wasn't completely that way, when he said: "Oh, I get it, if I'm happy and you want to be happy you will be around me, but if you're grouchy, you won't be able to be with me." I thought that was pretty good. But that was short-lived as he immediately pulled a real-life story. Why then, he said, some people are still around but do not meet my vibration? We figured that the reason for that is for mutual growth and understanding of unconditional love. That got me thinking about my own personal life experience. I think I have grown a lot in unconditional love, but I do have other areas where I need to catch up. It's the same for everyone. We came with the intention of experiencing specific growth. Aaahhhhh! Beautiful!
Oh, before I forget. A few people have asked me how to do the comment thingy here. Well, look at the bottom of this post. There is something that says 0 (or 1 or 2) comments. Click there (it doesn't look like a hyperlink, but it IS!), a window will pop up and you'll be able to leave a comment. Comments don't appear right away because they come to me first. It's the same if you want to read the comments left by others. You just click on the number and they will pop up. I am so glad to see you are liking what you read here!
Today, after dropping Mr. Grasshopper off at the learning institution, I brought Mr. Lou Rawls out and sang all my way back to the palace, where I picked up Ms. Diva to take her to her place of employment. She looked so tired this morning, it wasn't even funny. For me, the day at work went uneventful. I worked seated in front of the screen all day. Learned quite a few new words, saw a couple of people that I love and respect and came back home. Tomorrow is packing day again!
Tell me if this is not funny. Yesterday as Mrs. Yum and I were packing, I found this box of memories from the time of Mr.X. Mrs. Yum and I sat down, I opened the box and talked to her about that beautiful relationship that I had. There were pictures, and wrappers, dried roses, letters, cards, tickets to the opera, you name it, in that box. I told her how much I treasured the memory of how that relationship FELT for me. These feelings are no longer about Mr. X, even though I don't hold any kind of ill emotions or resentment towards him, but these feelings are all about the relationship. Anyway, I had not seen that box in ages, so it was nice and I decided not to get rid of it yet, and just remember how wonderful that relationship was so an even better one could come my way. Well, guess who called last night? Mr. X! LOL Now, don't get all excited, it's not what you think! He called about a totally business matter. But isn't it amazing that exactly on the evening after I have been talking about him, he calls. That just goes to tell you how powerful we are!
My gorgeous beautiful butterfly was a little shy today. As I was leaving the palace this morning, she was sitting on a little daisy all the way down there on the grass. I almost didn't see her! Imagine that! She was yellow and just absolutely gorgeous. I also spotted Mr. Whiskers, only in a very unusual place. Unusual for him, it is. He was perched up on the neighbor's fence. I had to look twice to realize it was him. He turned around and look at me like saying: "take a look at your windshield. I'm all over it."
Well, I think that's about all I can say for now. I'm ready to go watch the tube with Mr. Grasshopper and Diva and then off to a serious one-on-one with the fluffy one.
Hope you have sweet, sweet dreams. Talk to you tomorrow? I hope so!

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circe said...

I loved those "thinking about and appearing in my experience" phenomenon too!!! (it's been happening to me quite frequently these few past days too!!!).
Mr. Grasshopper must be re-nickednamed by: LAMA Grasshopper hahahaha!!! I love his conversations with you!!! Yes, unconditional love is the issue for me too...and "letting go" is the other great one for me hahaha; also transforming "guilt and fear and anger" into something more useful.