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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 28 – April 17, 2011

Boy! Has this been a productive day or what? I'm exhausted! But so happy and with a great feeling of accomplishment. You're absolutely right, we are doing all this packing right now and in a couple of weeks it will be reversed to unpacking and setting the new place up. How fun!
Mrs. Yum came by today to help me pack. OMG, I am so grateful to her! If it hadn't been for her, my ADD would've not allowed me to pack even one box! She kept me focused and on task and I am so grateful to her for that! This morning the call was amazing with the Sunday Morning Gang. I like it how more and more I can remember what was being said while I was channeling. I don't remember the details, but I remember the general topics, and today's topics were, like usual, super interesting and the answers very helpful to many. I love this calls. I can't say enough. GorgeousDownUnder is so graceful! She stays up until very late to facilitate this call with us. She is another one of my reasons to appreciate, I tell you!
After the call, Mrs. Yum, the two yard creatures and Yours Truly went out to have a very delicious breakfast. Then we came back to the palace and rolled up our sleeves. While Mr. Grasshopper and the Lizzard played, Mrs. Yum and I packed and packed (she kept me under a very vigilant eye, I must say).It's funny how one of the subjects on the call today was getting rid of things and moving on. I ran into a few things from the past, looked at them, talked about them with Mrs. Yum, and decided I'm still going to hold on to them for a little bit longer. I have, however, let go of quite a few things today, but I will admit I should probably let go of quite a bit more things. I'll get there. I'm coming into alignment with it. Hehe. Even though this is the tough stage of a move, when half of your belongings are in boxes, which are in your way, your house smells like boxes and dust and you are still trying to live a normal life without going crazy, I am feeling amazingly positive. I just know this is the natural order of things and amazingly enough, it doesn't bother me anymore.
The weather outside was beautiful, and we took many opportunities to sit outside for a few minutes. At some point, as I was sitting on the green turf, I felt a very deep feeling of appreciation for this palace. I have lived a wonderful amount of time here and have created beautiful memories. It never seizes to amaze me how really and truly the movement is always forward. Life brings you to take the next step. In my case it has been my "dwelling" and my job. My life experience has caused me to take the next step forward whenever I have taken too long to take it. Whew! That's heavy!
On to lighter subjects. I caught a glimpse of my butterfly of the day today. She was playing up there, around the top branches of a tree. The sun was shining behind her so I couldn't really tell her colors. All I could see was a happy fluttering of wings that immediately raised my vibration.
Mr. Grasshopper and the Sensible One went to a soccer game later in the day, and the Manager stayed behind to help us pack a little bit more. That was great, because Diva needed some encouragement. Yes, she got her absent-mindness from Moi.J
Tripod finally got a bath today. He needed one badly! Lately he has this new thing, he goes into the only part of the yard that doesn't have green on it and rolls over the dirt like it's going out of style. You can imagine how shabby he looks! He didn't appreciate the cleaning. I think he's still a little mad, but he'll survive. The Manager gave him his bath. She adores him! In the meantime, Freckles was overcome with jealousy. She just didn't know what to do with herself. Kept going up and down the hallway, whimpering. She was so funny!
I hope your weekend was a good one. Mine definitely was. I am really looking forward to this week. I don't even know why, but I am!
Ta-da for now!


Patricia Designs said...

Good morning Channel,
Mrs. Yum is a good friend, she really adores you I can tell. I believe friends are our extended family.
This is a going to be a short week with Good Friday as a holiday, I love my long weekends too.

Hopefully, this message gets to you as in the past the system will kick me out and doesn't accept it.
Thank you Channel

circe said...

Wooow, amazing text: it isn't a "diary"...It's been like an appreciation cascade!!! Loved this way to describe things. They really got my emotions moving!!!