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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 31 – April 20, 2011

Mr. Grasshopper and I had a breakfast for champions this morning. Prepared by, nonetheless, Yours Truly. Hehehe. Then we took off and he made it to school on time, I think. Not sure. It was right about the time when the bell rings. There is something you need to know about me and time: it doesn't make sense. Seriously! I don't seem to have a good grasp on time (and on many other things). The Boys say it is because the more I become one with the Big Me, the more I become like a child, and children couldn't care less about time, or space, or many other things. Come to think about it, I kind of like this. It gives me the perfect excuse for many, many things! Mmmhmmm! Convenient!
Diva needed a means of transportation, so she took the Red Bullet. I have been edgy all day long because of this (just kidding! But seriously…). She dropped me off at the nosocomium (if there is not a term for this, I just invented it. I figured, since this is my blog, I can do anything I want with it, even if it means inventing words..hehe), where I worked all day. I had lunch with a very dear SW. I truly enjoy her company. Then it was back to the grinding wheel. I did get a feeling of accomplishment although I'm not used to being in front of the screen all day. By the end of the day I was tired but happy.
Today again the universe prepared me for what was to come. This morning I was too sleepy to meditate and I just slept through until it was time to rush out of here. When I got to work I got that same urge I told you about the other day, so I listened to it and went to the chapel to meditate for a few minutes. A few of hours later, as I was walking down a very busy aisle at the grocery store I heard my name called out loud. As I turned around I saw a very humble lady with a face that I remembered very well, but I could not remember the story that went with it. You must know that in my old job I met many, many people every day. I finally approached this person, she had a sad smile on her face and asked if I remembered her. I had to be honest, I told her I remembered her face and her voice as clearly as if I had seen her last week, but I could not remember her name. And then she said it and I was overcome with tenderness and joy at the same time. Many, many years ago she had asked me to hold her little one when he made his transition from the physical. I could not take that privilege away from her, and told her so at that time, but the fact that she even thought of giving me that honor has stayed with me all these years. We hugged and she cried. My eyes were watery when she walked away. Had I not had my moment of meditation earlier in the day, I don't think I could've been as strong. I can't describe to you the feeling that I still hold inside of me. It is like the events that happened so many years ago had happened just a few days ago. Talk about a humbling experience! Everything else, every other single little thing in my life fell in its right place after that!
Yesterday I was starting to wonder where my butterfly of the day had been, but you said something really important. You said something along the lines of me reaching a new level. I saw the hawk instead of the butterfly. That got me thinking. All day actually. You are so right! I can actually feel it! And I think that the experience that I had today was a confirmation of that. Some may think "Come on! You just ran into somebody from your past! This is no special experience," but let me tell you that there have been a few events that have changed me, and the one that happened so many years ago with that family was one of them. I had also lost all contact. And the fact that she showed up in my life so strongly, with such a presence, is indicative, to me, of the forces that I am attracting. Whew! Isn't this just amazing? Doesn't this leave you pensive? AND speechless? Never mind, you don't need to answer that. I'm just thinking out loud. I know experiences are personal and the value and meaning are individual. I am just in awe. Completely in awe.
After I got to the palace I received a call from the House Whisperer. She was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by to say hello. What a welcomed surprise! If there is anybody I know that is always looking at the positive side of things, that would be Mrs. House Whisperer. She is amazingly positive. I have always joked and said that if you tell her that your house is burning down, she'll be happy to know you won't have to clean it anymore. That's how positive she is. So she came by and we went out for dinner. It was nice being able to talk to her one on one. We are usually surrounded by other people and seldom have an opportunity to talk. So we caught up. Boy did we catch up!!! It was fun!
Today I had come to terms with not seeing my butterfly, but as I happen to walk into the Joint Cracker's office, I noticed that she had a group of beautiful papier Mache butterflies on her wall. Ah! The Universe is listening!
Now I am getting ready to sit down and read with Mr. Grasshopper. Tomorrow will be a busy day for Diva and I and I should get a good night's sleep. As always, it has been wonderful talking to you today. Remember to leave me your comments. I read them all. You can also read the comments that have been left here by clicking on the comments link underneath each post.
Hope your day was as beautiful as mine was!
Ta-da for now!


siempre viva said...

I could feel in your words how you felt about this encounter and believe me my dear channel I understand you completely, is strange how some people just mark our lives with so much less than the experience that you had with this lady, I have had smiles, tantrums, moments in time, that have mark my life and that I remember forever and, maybe for some this would be a little hard to understand. The simple touch of a leave can change your life sometimes, is not the touch is the realization, the message behind the touch... Love you!

Monina said...

Cada día el blog se vuelve mejor y mejor... De todo lo que cuentas me quedo con el hermoso relato del encuentro con esa persona de tu pasado y de las circunstancias que rodearon ese momento. Se me llenaron los ojos de lágrimas y te entendí claramente (casi con empatía).
Y por supuesto también me he sonreído con lo del Sr. Saltamontes y el desayuno que tomaron y con la nueva duda que tengo ahora: ¿quién es Diva?... Ahhh qué interesante y maravilloso es leerte del modo en que lo hago.
Te quierísimo y sé que lo sabes.


circe said...

I loved the episode about the encounter with that woman!!! That’s what I call magic!!! So…when you relaxed a little bit about having the butterflies every day…then they did show up!!!mmmmm that’s something funny to learn!!! Paper butterflies…that’s how I get many of my manifestations…yes, they are what I wanted, but not 100% what I told it to be hahaha, I’m relieved to see that I’m not alone hahaha).
I do love catching up with friends too!!!
About time: we have a marvelous relationship…I don’t give a rip about time and I do everything on time!!! It’s amazing…When in hurry, I even can elongate time a little bit (I do like in that TV show: index finger with index finger, I visualize a sand clock falling and opening, the sand spreads and so time is stopped, then I follow my rush as fast as I can, but without broking important rules, so, I respect the red lights, however sometimes if the situation is very clear and only if there is absolutely no risk at all, you may break the rules…and I always get on time!!! It works very well if you just need those 5 minutes to be on time…when at the place, first thing, give thanks!!! And imagine how the sand gathers again in the clock, the clock closes and puts itself back to the vertical position with the sand running again).